XRP and Tron – The most voted Altcoins to be included on Bakkt

ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) which is launching the Bitcoin trading platform Bakkt in January the next year, posted on Twitter expressing interest to add cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, in their platform Bakkt.

Since Bakkt was asked over and again by the crypto community about adding other cryptocurrencies to its trading platform, Bakkt answered:

“We’ll consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as we receive additional customer feedback about what they want and need.”

The comments for this post on Twitter were overwhelmed for the most part by supporters of XRP. A notable Twitter user among the Ripple community tweeted a voting poll about if Bakkt Should  Add XRP, and the result was more than 6590 individuals voting “Yes”.

“XRP please it’s the future of money. The standard, the revolution, a way of life. Thanks kinds Sirs.”

Another Twitter user The Crypto Monk ironically speaking added:

” Please sirs, add XRP cause my bag is extremely heavy. I’ve heard aliens are gonna use it and it’s probably gonna be worth a million per token soon. Buy now or get left behind. “

Justin Sun, the creator and CEO of Tron Foundation retweeted Bakkt’s post, saying that Tron would be the best decision if Bakkt ever chooses to add more cryptocurrencies to their platform.

In spite of the fact that Bakkt’s tweet about including Altcoins other than Bitcoin has got a lot of interaction from the crypto community, it is unlikely to happen in the near future as Bakkt some days ago postponed their launch which was scheduled on 12 December this year to January 24, 2019.

Bakkt announced in a tweet on 20 November stating:

“Given the volume of interest in Bakkt and work required to get all of the pieces in place, we will now be targeting January 24, 2019 for our launch to ensure that our participants are ready to trade on Day 1”

So adding other other cryptocurrencies is unlikely to happen in the near future, but it is worth to keep an eye on Bakkt developments.

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