Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Stop Using Chrome And Start Using Brave

Wikipedia Co-founder and actual Everipedia chief information officer Larry Sanger has shown his support to the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT) project.

The web project developer published a post, titled The two problems of computer technology , on his own site, a post that talks about his worries about web security and the expanding monopolization of the internet by a couple of companies.

Sanger, who is additionally the Chief Information Office for Everipedia, a sort of Wikipedia built on the blockchain,  comes to the heart of the matter about how the services that we are offered like social media, search engines etc… are given to the user for free. If we think twice are those really for free?

The drawback of these free services is that we exchange information, and this let most of us gave them loads of data which is a serious threat to our privacy.

Larry Sanger goes on saying:

” The threat to our privacy undermines some basic principles of the decentralized Internet that blossomed in the 90s and boomed in the 00s. The Establishment has taken over what was once a centerless, mostly privacy-respecting phenomenon of civil society, transforming it into something centralized, invasive, risky, and controlling. What was once the technology of personal autonomy has enabled—as never before—cybercrime, collectivization, mob rule, and censorship.”

He at that point offers an arrangement for how to assume responsibility for one’s digital life, and practically every last bit of it is coordinated towards constraining how much impact Google and its items have on our life. In spite of the fact that Sanger picks Firefox over Google, he shows his support to the Brave browser.

“Stop using Chrome. (Done.) Google collects massive amounts of information from us via their browser. The good news is that you don’t have to use it, if you’re among the 62% of people who do. I’ve been using Firefox; but I haven’t been happy about that. The Mozilla organization, which manages the browser, is evidently dominated by the Silicon Valley left; they forced out Brendan Eich, one of the creators of Firefox and the JavaScript programming language, for his political views. Frankly, I don’t trust them. I’ve switched to Eich’s newer, privacy-focused browser, Brave. I’ve had a much better experience using it lately than I had when I first tried it a year or two ago and when it was still on the bleeding edge. Brave automatically blocks ads, trackers, third-party cookies, encrypts your connections—and, unlike Google, they don’t have a profile about you (well, it never leaves your machine; the Brave company doesn’t have access to it). As a browser, it’s quite good and a pleasure to use. It also pays you in crypto for using it. There might be a few rare issues (maybe connected with JavaScript), but when I suspect there’s a problem with the browser, I try whatever I’m trying to do in a locked-down version of Firefox, which is now my fallback. There’s absolutely no need to use Chrome for anything but testing, and that’s only if you’re in Web development. By the way, the Brave iOS app is really nice, too.”

The Brave program has been doing actually well in the previous year and in the actual one. The number of confirmed publishers has grown. The project was featured in many important media like The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Brave has also launched its Brave Ads program and has hit already 20 million downloads only on Android.

Recently Brave browser enabled on the developer mode the possibility to earn BAT while browsing on internet.

Users that download and install the brave browsers are awarded 30 BAT for free which is $5 . To download the brave browsers please use this link and you will be supporting also this site

While Chrome the Google browser still is the most used, Brave is in a good path and is growing rapidly.

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