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Think and Grow HealthyGrow Healthy

This may seem like the worst news you’ll ever receive but it’s not, not even close. It may be like being in a zombie world only this time the villains happen to be cauliflowers, broccoli , kales and zombies. You try to run but you find yourself on the treadmill. It halts but now you want to scream because guess what ? you happen to be in a boxing room. If the jumping rope hadn’t embraced you so hard you’d probably be out of that cold place. The odds are against because once again the veggies have caught up with you and you’ve no choice but to watch them breaking into your mouth with your stomach as their target. Well, there is definitely one good thing that comes with that, you could win an Oscar for wild imagination. As a matter of fact, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

It’s rare actually to find junk saints . I mean if the choice was between chocolate chip and a mango , chocolate chip would be what you go for . I mean it would be sad to find your dentist or doctor on the Forbes magazine knowing that it was you money that got them there. You can’t just get over the love of sugar in a day . You could have a bag of chips then repent by taking a fruit juice instead of a soft drink for starters Consistently and with time you’ll find it very comfortable to adapt to good ole veggies. If veggies look great on the plate, your taste buds might be forgiving. If your brain is impressed then consider every part of your body impressed with the greens.

It’s out with the fat and in with the muscles. Your body will very much reward you by fitting snugly into your dream clothes if you are intentional about exercising. If you and the gym don’t really get along don’t worry you can always find a sport that you like. You will be very happy doing it and that’s what matters. Think you can dance ? go for it. As long as you are achieving your goal in the right ways, then it’s fair. There is nothing good about the pills that help you reduce your weight they just add to your health issues.

Have you ever thought of trying meditation? Feeling peaceful about yourself is important even though you might find it depressing to just sit quietly in the middle of your living room with your eyes closed. It might sound terrible but It has enormous benefits. Everything is fair in love and war right, well, everything is also fair for your peace of mind. Therapy is the best invention after apple so get it if you can. Everyone is trying to save money for vacation so if you don’t want to make your therapist rich either your friends and family will do just fine.

Talking medicine like going to school is a must. It could be the difference between a bearable life and a not- so -attractive option. Considering the fact that you want to get to your uncle Fred’s age , you may find that a consolation for taking your meds. Never go off meds without your doctor’s go ahead. This way getting to health heaven might not be impossible anymore.

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