Vanbex Group Expanding into Blockchain-Based Products

Vancouver, B.C. —  Professional services firm Vanbex Group is expanding operations to blockchain-based products, according to company founder Lisa Cheng and CEO Kevin Hobbs.

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Vanbex Launching New Products


Lisa Cheng, Vanbex founder

The Vancouver company operating in the digital currency and blockchain technology space will launch two projects in the coming months with Etherparty and Genisys, the former set to go live this summer, in August, with Genisys slated for November.

Etherparty is a subscription model product for easy creation of Ethereum smart contracts.

“It is about simple tools for easy automation,” said Cheng. “Etherparty will enable users to create smart contracts via a simple drag-and-drop interface with plug-and-play data feeds.”

Etherparty removes the complexity of creating and executing smart contracts, with no additional tools required, which means no installation of command line interface Geth or platforms like Meteor or Mist.

“Etherparty works directly with the Ethereum network so you don’t have to wait for software to sync to quickly execute a contract,” said Cheng.

The system will operate in the cloud with template saving so contracts will always be available and ready to execute.

Genisys is a private blockchain solution for financial services and foreign exchange firms.

It will offer a turn-key transaction messaging system for cross-border payments that can be integrated with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the network that enables financial institutions around the world to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure and standardized format.

“Our goal is to help push emerging technology toward advancement. This means easing barriers to use and adoption through cleverly designed products, no matter the scale,” said Hobbs.

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 About Vanbex Group

Established in 2013 as a strategic consulting firm to better tell the story of digital currency and blockchain-­based companies, Vanbex has since evolved into a professional services firm specializing in all aspects of the industry. The Vanbex Group has worked with over 30 companies, at all stages of development, helping guide, create and market products, services and innovation. Visit

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