Bitcoin payments can be made instantly. However, there is about a 10-minute delay before the network begins to confirm your transaction, including the unit and before you can spend bitcoins you received. Confirmation means that the network established consensus that bitcoins you received were not already sent to someone else and are considered to be your property in the future. Once your transaction will be included in one block, it will continue to receive confirmation from each subsequent unit that will testify to the strengthening of the consensus and reduce the risk of cancellation of the transaction. Each user is free to choose, at any stage considered the transaction confirmed, but the 6 evidence generally recognized as safe, as well as 6 months deadline for the credit card transaction.

Most transactions can be made without commissions, but users are willing to pay a small voluntary committee for faster confirmation of their transaction and reward those who produced bitcoins. When the Commission is required, it is usually no more than a few pennies of the cost. Your bitcoin client will usually choose the appropriate commission, as it is required. Commission on transactions used to protect users from making transactions in order to overload the network. More precise purpose of the commissions, is still being developed and will change over time. Since the Commission is not tied to the number of sent bitcoins, it may seem incredibly small (0.0005 BTC transfer 1.000 BTC) or vice versa unreasonably high (0.004 BTC for the payment of 0.02 BTC). The Commission is determined by the parameters such as the data sent from the transaction and repeatability of the transaction. For example, if you receive a large number of small amounts, then commission will send more. Such payments are comparable for paying the bill in a restaurant coins. Spending a small part of your bitcoins fast, may also require the Commission. If your operation uses a transaction in a traditional style, the commission will be very small.

Don’t worry, if you get bitcoins when your computer is off. Everything will be alright. You will see Bitcoins the next time you run your program-budget. In fact, bitcoins are not available in the program on your computer, and added to the public record, which is on all devices within the network. If you send bitcoins, when your program-purse is not running and you start it later, it will load the blocks and see all the transactions are not yet known, and bitcoins eventually appear as if they have just been received. Your wallet should always be started only when you need to spend bitcoins.

There is a long synchronization, though, that is required only for full-fledged network nodes, such as Bitcoin Core. From a technical standpoint, synchronization – is the process of loading and inspection of all previous transactions in the bitcoin network. Some bitcoin client to calculate the final balance of your wallet, and make new transactions required to be aware of all the previous transactions. Synchronization can require a lot of computer resources, the proper speed Internet channel and sufficient disk space to accommodate the full amount of the chain block. In order to stay safe Bitcoin, enough people should use the full bitcoin nodes because they perform the task of checking and retransmission transaction.
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