The Dollar Implosion Detonator Timer Set in 2 Years – Time for plan B (Bitcoin)

The U.S. Dollar could fall soon by 30% in a massive sell-off that will make it look like the Turkish lira says Ray Dalio, the Billionaire hedge fund manager in an interview for Bloomberg. He adds that the U.S. economy has no more than 2 years until it takes the downturn with the government printing money to cover the deficit resulting in the dollar plunge.

According to the founder and Chairman of Bridgewater Associates,  the largest Hedge fund in the world, the U.S. economy is about to face a big inflationary depression in the next 2 years which will result in the dollar devaluation by about 30%.

“We have to sell a lot of Treasury bonds, and we as Americans will not be able to buy all those treasury bonds, The Federal Reserve will have to print more money to make up for the deficit, will have to monetize more, and that’ll cause a depreciation in the value of the dollar.”

The following big crisis will be caused by an unreasonably expensive growth of debt in the economy that is exacerbated by a depreciation of the Dollar, which pushes up the expense of dealing with an uncontrollable huge foreign currency debt.

U.S. Dolla Purchasing Power since 1913

We have seen what is happened in Venezuela with the high inflation rates and government printing more and more fiat. The result of that was an increased volume of cryptocurrencies use in the country. While the country is starving for food and is in the emergency for basic needs, bitcoiners are gathering bitcoin donations on reddit to buy schools supplies for the Venezuelan children.

The same increasing volume of bitcoin usage happened in other countries that are facing high inflation rates like Turkey, Iran, and Argentina. Last year the Turkish lira drop by 40 percent, the pesos in Argentina fell by 51 percent and the Iranian Rial is down by nearly 20 percent.

The reason those countries ended up this way, is because of the politics and monetary policies their governments were doing. This resulted in more printing of money to cover the mess they were doing which drove the inflation rates to high levels.

Some might say that the U.S. economy is strong and there is nothing to fear about a potential crisis. But if the U.S. will enter this inflationary spiral the effect will be huge for Bitcoin and maybe the time will come that you do not need anymore to convert your bitcoin into fiat.

We don’t know how many dollars is the Federal Reserve printing today, but we know that 1800 Bitcoins were produced in the last 24 hours.

Time is coming for the separation of money from the state, and the process will be painful, but in the end, will result in a healthier economy democracy and freedom.

Do you think a U.S inflationary crisis, devaluating excessively the dollar will be the fuel for the next Bitcoin bull run?

Feel free to post your opinion in the comments below.

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