Thai Democratic Party elections  – 127,479 people across Thailand Voted Using Zcoin Blockchain

The privacy oriented Zcoin Blockchain was used in the recent elections held by the Thai Democratic Party to choose their new leader. As indicated by the Zcoin release, a total number of 127,479 participants from all over Thailand voted using their blockchain, making this event the largest scale application of blockchain technology in elections.

This is why between 1st and 9th November the Zcoin network had a large number of transactions added on each block. It was because they were running elections on their blockchain.

The electronic voting was conducted using two techniques: through voting stations across the country using a Raspberry Pi based framework or via a mobile application called D-Elect that requested voters to submit their ID.

The results were available 12 hours after the ending of the voting process, proving that blockchain technology is faster cheaper and what is more important it is transparent tamper proof so nobody can contest the results.

Most e-voting systems depend on the utilization of a database that is controlled by an admin which is a weak point that can lead to tampering. In the case of the blockchain, there is the guarantee that this cannot happen because it is tamper proof.

The blockchain technology is being adopted every day in many sectors. The use of this technology in elections, especially in the third world countries where authoritative regimes govern would be a great benefit for more transparency and democracy.

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