IBM Turns Quantum Computing into a Commercially Viable Product

TheMerkle IBM Quantum Computing Molecules Quantum computing has always been an interesting industry. Multiple technology firms are working on bringing this technology to life. So far, though, commercializing quantum computing has proven virtually impossible. However, IBM has seemingly made a major breakthrough. The company’s team of researchers recently came up with a way to simulate molecules on a quantum computer. It is a very intriguing development which will surely help commercialize this technology over the next few years.

Quantum Computers are Commercially Viable, Sort of

Not everyone will have a need for quantum computing now or in the future. In fact, a lot of consumers Read the rest

AdEx announces partnership with content platform Snip

Decentralized advertisement network AdEx has announced its partnership with the content platform Snip.

The AdEx Platform

AdEx is a decentralized advertisement platform that uses blockchain technology to offer a fast, secure and efficient advertisement network. The platform was founded by the same team that created Streamio, a video content aggregator. On June 30, 2017, the AdEx token sale was able to raise the impressive amount of 40,000 Ether. In the last couple of weeks, the development progress of the AdEx platform has greatly increased. With an official blog post, the AdEx team showcased several screenshots of the new upcoming AdEx… Read the rest

Blockstream Introduces Satellite Systems to Access the Blockchain

Sending money via GPS satellite sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but soon it could become a real service for people to use all over the world. Blockchain specialist company Blockstream has introduced satellites that can help people that don’t have internet access the Bitcoin network.

Beaming Blocks Via Satellite

Blockstream, a leading company in blockchain technologies, has introduced a brand-new way to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. Marketed towards people without easy access to reliable internet, they have leased out bandwidth on three satellites that are currently in orbit around the planet. These satellites will allow… Read the rest

PDQ’s Smart Car Wash Vulnerabilities Can Injure Humans and Cars Alike

TheMerkle PDQ Smart Car Wash Flaws

Making electronics “smarter” does not necessarily mean they are protected from external threats. In fact, smart devices are often even more prone to cyber attacks due to their constant connection to the Internet. A recent experiment involving smart car wash equipment revealed how several key flaws could be used to cause physical injuries to both cars and people. It appears the smart car wash solutions from U.S.-based PDQ are the main culprit.

Smart Car Wash Security Flaws are Problematic

Most people look at the car wash in the same way they have done for decades now. The entire process has Read the rest

Facebook’s Free Basics Initiative Is All About Collecting User Data

TheMerkle Facebook Free Basics Data Harvesting

Facebook does many different things at once. It has become so much more than just the parent company of the world’s largest social media platform. Over the years, Facebook has gotten involved in virtual reality, instant messaging, and even the idea of providing free internet to unconnected people all over the world. The Free Basics initiative sounds great on paper, but there are a lot of downsides to this project. Creating an on-ramp to the internet is not without its drawbacks.

Facebook’s Free Basics Is Flawed

Despite all of the downsides, Facebook’s efforts in this area have been monumental. On Read the rest

WannaCry Clone Marks the Fourth Major Ransomware Attack Against the Ukraine in two Months

TheMerkle Ukraine WannaCry Clone While most people have all but forgotten about the WannaCry ransomware attack, residents of the Ukraine are dealing with a clone of this destructive malware. More specifically, it is one of the many ransomware campaigns targeting Ukraine specifically, which is quite problematic. This new clone does not have an official name yet, but it shows clear similarities to WannaCry.

Ukraine is a big Target for Ransomware Attacks

It is unclear why we currently have so many malware campaigns targeting Ukrainian consumers and corporations. Four different distribution campaigns have been discovered so far, although it is possible that number will continue Read the rest