HubrisOne Launches Private Seed Round on Seedrs

HubrisOne Technologies, the company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing all in-one fiat-cryptocurrency current account has just announced their new private seed round which is live on Seedrs. With over 14,000 users on their waiting list within 4 weeks, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in their rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £10.80.

This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in the cryptocurrency industry. The private round is limited to small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.… Read the rest

Fieldcoin Ltd Will Decentralize the Agricultural Industry

Fieldcoin Ltd. Will Connect Landowners and Investors Generating Synergies

Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates property or land transactions to be carried out immediately, without intermediaries and in a secure environment.

Traditionally, at the local level, lands were negotiated in words. However, during the last few decades, globalization has distanced the owners from local investors. During the last few years, land owners and agrarian businesses have noticed how intermediaries changed – a change that affects both local economies and global markets.

Fieldcoin is using the current legal framework combined with blockchain technology … Read the rest

Alive Casino ICO will offer entertainment 3.0

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Anaiv Capital Focuses on Next-Generation Technology

Volatility of the Markets, Endless Opportunities for Anaiv Capital

Sometimes, we stop to observe and analyze other aspects of the crypto space. Foundations, veteran market experts, and start-up companies are adapting the digitization of their media; the technology that makes cryptocurrencies and tokens possible continues to advance and extend its reach.

For as transformative as cryptocurrencies are, they have long been criticized for their extreme volatility. In an unexpected move you can lose or double your capital, due the young age of these markets. Anaiv Capital focuses on next-generation technology that is transforming market volatility into opportunity for its clients.… Read the rest

Bitacium prepares for the most Incredible launch

Bitacium will compete to innovate transboundary global fintech ecosystems

The trend continues its course, bringing more and more complete ecosystems. The cryptocurrency launching that are exclusively for point-to-point payments have ended. The trend has improved itself, and the emerging tokenization projects cover a rich ecosystem. The replication of traditional services inside the cyberspace continues, even improving traditional models when digitized.

In the fintech sector, global adoption of cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts and multifunction wallets is beginning to be the norm. A sector as demanding as it is requires the latest advances and implementations to be competitive.

Bitacium offers an entire … Read the rest

Paradise Token, Tourism adoption with the PDT token

The Token PDT will revolutionize tourism internationally blockchain
Tourism, an immense market in which millions of people manage or enjoy daily thousands of international flights. To the flights, we can add adjacent services and multiple local disciplines associated to the commerce that causes the affluence of tourists. It is the scenario in which the launch of Paradise Token, and its PDT token, is involved. This will make things difficult for the competition going forward.

The tourism sector is an ultra-competitive sector, so a successful innovative movement can lead to adoption by all market players. The fact is, that some … Read the rest