Ethplode Token Airdrop – Get 150 Free ETHPLO Tokens

An interesting token was launched yesterday. The new token named ETHPLO is similar to the BOMB, the token launched in January.

BOMB is the most deflationary one between the coins and tokens because every time a transaction is sent 1 BOMB is burned. In the beginning, there were only 1 million BOMB tokens, but now after 6 months, the total supply is 969,634 BOMB tokens.

When the token was launched there was an airdrop that gave away 200-300 BOMB tokens to everybody signing in with an email.

BOMB price hit $12 some days ago making the 200-300 tokens airdrop more … Read the rest

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Coinbase is Giving Away $50 in Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Coinbase launched a giveaway program that aims to distribute 1 Billion XLM to US users. Each person can earn up to $50 while watching videos and learning about crypto.

The company declared the news on its Twitter profile, saying that any qualified US client can learn about the Stellar technology and get a reward of $10 to $50 worth of XLM. The source of these give away will be the Stellar Development Foundation fund.

Coinbase Adds Support for Stellar Paying Users to Learn About it

Coinbase which is one of the most innovative exchanges aims to dominate the blockchain sector. … Read the rest

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Brave Rewards Now Live, You Will Earn 70 Percent of Braves Revenue in BAT if you Use the Brave Browser

Brave Browser’s advertisements rewards program is currently live, enabling clients to choose to see ads and earn 70 percent of the company revenue paid in (BAT) Basic Attention Token.

On 8 March, Brave reported that its private advertising platform moved from phase one to phase two, making the brave rewards feature available to the general users. Users of the brave browser will be able now to earn money watching ads and to claim their accumulated rewards at the ending monthly cycle.

Brave Browser has kept on gaining ground towards its vision of giving quick and private web browsing features, particularly … Read the rest

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Airdrop

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the token issued by Brave, the famous browser created from the Javascript founder. The purpose of the token is to be used for marketing. The whole BAT ecosystem works in a way that publishers are paid for their content and users are paid for their attention while bringing more value to the advertisers for their money spent on their ads.

(BAT) Basic Attention Token is giving away 30 BAT tokens to their users. To receive the airdrop  do the airdrop page, download the Brave browser, open the browser and enable (Brave Rewards) to receive 30 … Read the rest

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