Binance Exchange is More Profitable than Deutsche Bank- Germany’s Biggest Bank

This year 2018, in the 1st quarter, Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank in Germany and one of the most important financial institutions in Europe, recorded a benefit of 146 million dollars. Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, recorded a benefit of 200 million dollars.

Binance  vs Deutsche Bank

Binance exchange outperformed Germany’s biggest bank and one of Europe’s most important banks in gainfulness. The new cryptocurrency exchange that was non-existent only one year ago surpassed the main bank that was set up 148 years back. A startup with 200 workers outperformed monster with 100,000 representatives.

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Bakkt Confirms Physical Bitcoin Futures – Ready to Flood the Crypto Market With Institutional Money

Bakkt seems to be the next big thing in Bitcoin or at least the biggest event of 2018. People are very excited about Bakkt because it promises to bring a huge amount of institutional money into the cryptosphere. Unlike the other Bitcoin futures, Bakkt will offer future contracts backed by real bitcoin.

They Made Their First Announcement, and it is A Big One:

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Guide to Coinbase for Beginner’s and a Complete Review

So far you have heard the word Bitcoin hundreds of times. Some of you are well aware of what Bitcoin is and what it is used to do. Those who know about Bitcoin, they will surely know about the wallet used for it. However, many times they make mistakes in determining the right wallet. Today we will talk about the best bitcoin wallet ‘Coinbase.’So let’s get started,

What is Coinbase?

Just like PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, you get your earning money from various sites, just as there are some sites where you can keep bitcoin in various ways, give others … Read the rest

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