CME Bitcoin Futures 141% Volume Increase in November

Everyone who is still in the crypto market remembers when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) launched Bitcoin futures on 17 December 2017, that day the price of Bitcoin hit the top at $20,000 and after that started the downside, a downside that has kept going a year. Today, the price of Bitcoin is $3,600 and bears are still in charge. The launch of the Bitcoin futures on CME and the intense fall in Bitcoin’s price isn’t a coincidence. The paper Bitcoins being printed on CME are suppressing the bitcoin price. Doing this CME is increasing their role to set the … Read the rest

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Are Institutions Accumulating Bitcoin While Retailers are Panic Selling at $3,700

Over the second half of November, the cryptocurrency market has experienced the most terrible sell-off in all 2018 as the bitcoin price plummets to $3,700 territory.

Jake Chervinsky, a litigation attorney at Kobre & Kim, commented that while individual investors are panic selling in the cryptocurrency market, institutional investors are accumulating bitcoin over OTC markets without drawing too much attention.

He commented:

“Investors, with bitcoin trading under $4,000: Retail: ‘should I sell and buy back lower? should I open a short? should I just give up? is it going to zero? was this whole crypto thing a scam after all?’

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Bitcoin Price is like a falling Knife that Institutional Investors aren’t willing to catch, says Head of Oanda Trading, Asia Pacific

In an interview for Bloomberg some days ago, Stephen Innes, the head of trading at Oanda, Asia-Pacific region, talked about the fall of Bitcoin and what it implies for the crypto market. Innes compared the condition of cryptomarket with the wild west saying that we need to monitor ourselves the metrics, which indicate unquantified risk.

Innes stated that Bitcoin and other digital currencies have not found the bottom yet.

“Therefore, I don’t think any mature investors are willing to catch this falling knife and that tells me there’s more room to go and as soon as we hit some of

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Whales Moving BTC From Exchanges – We Should Be Safe For Now

Bitcoin price stabilized today after the sharp decline in the past few days. At the time of writing the bitcoin price is hovering above $4,600 mark.

The Bloomberg headline about bitcoin today was: “Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett Have the Last Laugh on Bitcoin”

It is not worth linking to it for the low-quality coverage Bloomberg is doing for the crypto industry, just citing what Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffet think about Bitcoin.

Other media narrative these days was: “Regulators are cracking down”, “Cryptocurrencies are managed by communities of developers that can get messy”, “Governments could get into cryptocurrencies, and … Read the rest

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