Cryptocurrency is the Upgrade, Our Economic Operating System Needs

The money we use today didn’t exist when people started to trade goods between them. Nor will continue to exist if a better way to exchange value is found. And that time is coming faster than we think.

Cash use is in decline everywhere in the world. Sweden is an example of a cashless society where even banks are not holding cash anymore and the central bank does not play the important role it used to play. Paper money is becoming less used every day.

Those who call cryptocurrency a bubble fail to understand why we are becoming a cashless … Read the rest

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Harvard has Invested $5M – $10M into Blockstack’s Token Sale

Blockstack, the company that aims to create a decentralized internet, has reported that they want to raise $50 million in a token sale conform the SEC’s Regulation A+ exception.

The total number of tokens to be offered in the token sale will be 295 million STX tokens for $0.30 each.

“The net proceeds of the offering will be used to accelerate the development of its decentralized computing stack and app ecosystem,” said Blockstack representatives in a release.

In the meantime, it has been reported on Twitter that Harward has invested $5M – $10M in STX tokens.

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Bit.Tube Review, The Youtube Alternative With Videos on Blockchain

We all realize that “blockchain” is here for the long haul. That is the reason why everybody is embracing it. Even the technology opponents are sneaking around testing the technology and claiming patents.

Bit.Tube a video platform powered by the blockchain aims to create a fair marketplace for publishers and advertisers and better user experience.

In this article, I will talk about this why this is a revolutionary idea that will transform the video industry, making use of the blockchain technology and TUBE, the platform cryptocurrency.

What Is Bit.Tube and how it works?

Bit.Tube is the evolving youtube, with, decentralized … Read the rest

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Capitulation? What Caused This Bitcoin Sell-Off?

Around $60 Billion has been wiped out from the overall crypto market cap in the last few days. Many experts think that with this decline the crypto market finally found the bottom or at least near it.

Characterized as a time of discouraged movement and feeling, the bear market has seen the price of bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital currency, decrease more than 75% from the ATH in December 2017. Since bitcoin makes up 50% of the whole market capitalization, it’s logic to state that the bear market may end when bitcoin bulls stop giving more ground to the bears.… Read the rest

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