BTC Mining Difficulty Drops by 15% – Now it is Easier and More Profitable to Mine Bitcoin

During the 2018 bear market where bitcoin price plunged more than 80% from the ATH in December 2017, Bitcoin difficulty has been increasing steadily. Now seems that time came for the difficulty to feel the drop like all the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to data from, the drop is by 15% in hash rate and mining difficulty. The hash rate is the total computing power in the bitcoin network and the difficulty is how easy is to mine a block.

Many speak about bitcoin death spiral in case miners stop mining bitcoin. But bitcoin by design is coded in a …

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Mastercard Files Patent for Bitcoin Transactions on Credit Cards

We all know how much banks hate bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and we early this month wrote an article about Why Bitcoin is a Real Threat to the Traditional Financial System

But as an old proverb says “if you can’t beat them, join them” If your enemy is stronger then you, it is better for you to join their side.

This is what Mastercard is trying to do with the last patent they filed about Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank.

Cryptocurrencies & Mastercard: Not a Friendly Relationship

Like most financial institutions and companies, Mastercard never predicted the blockchain implementation, and by the …

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Quantum Computers Might Crack Bitcoin Private Keys by 2028—Time Travel Might be a Solution to Keep Blockchain Safe

Bitcoin transactions are basically math puzzles saved in a public network called blockchain. These puzzles used to defend bitcoin are so complex that the most powerful computer available today aren’t effective enough to crack them.

But with the advancing of new technologies like quantum computer systems might be able to crack these puzzles in coming 10 years.

How Does the Bitcoin Private Keys Encryption Work?

Traditional currencies depend upon trusted intermediaries like banks to confirm and store all financial transactions. The cryptocurrency financial system as a new alternative is based on the Blockchain which is a public ledger which is …

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