The Historical Bitcoin Bull Market, Last Year Started After The BCH Upgrade

The Bitcoin Cash network has now been upgraded yesterday 15th November. Seems that Bitcoin ABC will likely win the civil war with help from Bitstamp and McAffe. The event might have a bullish impact on Bitcoin price.

Talking about this war In tweet McAffe stated:

“The war raging around Jihan Wu was started by the egos and short sightedness of the Bitcoin developers. The developers serve the community, not some ideal principal of technology. And they certainly do not control our community. Wake up developers. You could have avoided this.”

The main figure of this hash war was Craig Wright …

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Bitcoin Cash Upcoming Fork Started a Civil War Inside The BCH Camp

The coming hard fork on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain’s that is scheduled for November risks to split the chain into two competing chains. Cobra, a controversial figure who hands might be the savior of the BCH network future.

In a medium post, he announced the Cobra Client Hard Fork proposing an upgrade of the Bitcoin Cash Protocol, which comes in response to the proposed changes by the developers of ABC and nChain which he called  “mostly non-important and non-urgent changes”.

Also in a tweet he stated:

“This time last year the Bitcoin community defeated: BITMAIN, ViaBTC, Bitfury,

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