Now you can Tip Twitter Users in BAT using the Brave browser

Brave will let you now tip users on Twitter with BAT, the cryptocurrency behind the privacy-focused browsers.

In the latest Nightly release, Brave brave added a new feature to enable users to send BAT tips to Twitter users. The Nightly version is the most recent beta of the browser and incorporates new features for testing. The new release might not be stable and may have bugs that need to be fixed before the final version is released.

The new tipping feature for Twitter users will show a small BAT icon near the usual comment, retweet and like features. Clicking on … Read the rest

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Brave Ads are Live: Users now can get BAT for Viewing Ads

The Ads feature un the Brave browser has been activated and now users will get BAT for viewing Ads.

The great thing about the brave system is that the publisher does not have to do anything about the ads because it is a model built between the advertiser and the user.

He adds more explaining that users can still use Brave without enabling the Ads, but there is an incentive to enable the ads. As the company promises, 70% of the revenue Brave receives from the advertisers will go to the users who enable Ads. The company will keep the … Read the rest

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Brave Rewards Now Available For Android Users

More than 10 million Android users now will see the BAT symbol on their phones. Brave, the privacy-focused browsers has launched “Brave rewards” for Android users. “Brave rewards” is a program that rewards users for browsing the internet using the brave browser.

To celebrate the event, Brave announced that a 100,000 BAT will be allocated for grants. Each user will receive $5 in BAT. In order to receive the free BAT tokens, Brave users have to click the reward
“accept” button in Brave Rewards.

Some users were asking why they don’t see the grants on their Rewards page.

A Brave … Read the rest

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Brave Browser Users Has Grown by 450% Since January 2018

The Brave browser continues its evolution with fast speed. The number of Brave users is growing rapidly and still the project is at phase 2 of their reward program between users, advertisers and content creators.

Designed around the Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave aims to offer the best possible internet browsing experience to its users, while preserving their privacy. In fact, Brave is as good as Chrome or safari in terms of speed and data used, but with their added privacy features Brave is even better since the user can block all the unnecessary scripts that load in the background and browse pages faster. … Read the rest

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