Bitcoin Crosses $4,000, Litecoin Crosses $61  and Western Union Testing Ripple

Bitcoin Testing $4,000

Bitcoin is changing hands above $4,000 and it is driving the overall cryptomarket to the upside causing a surge in prices of almost all the Altcoins as usual. This level is viewed as an important resistance level for bitcoin price.


In the course of the last 3 months, Bitcoin has hit the lowest level at $3,217 as indicated by the CoinMarketCap below.

Now all the eyes are on the $4,000 mark. Considered an important resistance level a breakout of this level would add momentum to the price action adding to the fundamentals that are in … Read the rest

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Brave Rewards Now Live, You Will Earn 70 Percent of Braves Revenue in BAT if you Use the Brave Browser

Brave Browser’s advertisements rewards program is currently live, enabling clients to choose to see ads and earn 70 percent of the company revenue paid in (BAT) Basic Attention Token.

On 8 March, Brave reported that its private advertising platform moved from phase one to phase two, making the brave rewards feature available to the general users. Users of the brave browser will be able now to earn money watching ads and to claim their accumulated rewards at the ending monthly cycle.

Brave Browser has kept on gaining ground towards its vision of giving quick and private web browsing features, particularly … Read the rest

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Scandinavians Can Now Buy Ethereum on Opera Browser Wallet

Opera browser company has cooperated with Safello the brokerage firm, to offer Ethereum purchases directly from its browser for people in Denmark Norway and Sweden.

Actually, Opera is only offering Ethereum and it is accepting payments from debit or credit cards. Also they are accepting payments from other payment networks like the Sweden mobile payment system.

Safello will do the vast majority of the check and control of clients utilizing the distinctive Scandinavian id verification, like Sweden’s BankID and Denmark’s NemID. This is the subsequent stage for Opera and its venture into making digital currency receptive after the take-off of … Read the rest

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JP Morgan Strategy: Pump Blockchain and Dump Cryptocurrency

The financial establishment has a different approach when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In a note released recently from JP Morgan (one of the largest banks in the world, top 10) that blockchain technology is very likely to be adopted massively in the finance, of course trying to be conservative about the speed of this adoption form the financial markets.

JP Morgan has never been friendly to cryptocurrencies. In a recent note that Crypto value is unproven and Blockchain is years away from adoption. The hard speech against bitcoin and cryptos, in general, is an ongoing narrative from … Read the rest

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