Submit a Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Press Release – Guide

The crypto space has become an interesting area with a lot of excitement. Crypto Twitter accounts exploded in the last years following the big interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In Q4 2017 the ICO mania exploded and all those ICO-s were hungry to reach the biggest audiences possible. EOS raised 4 billion dollars during their crowdfunding period. At the same time, more bitcoin and cryptocurrency blogs and media outlets popped up providing guides and news about cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile serving the crypto community and educating them about the new technology, those websites became a great media asset for advertising while the demand for press releases related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency products increased.

In this article, we will talk about the best options for a crypto press release calculating the price-quality ratio. In this way, one can pick the best and cheaper service.

The formula we are using to calculate this is  (traffic/price), So the bigger the result the cheaper the press release.


Cointelegraph is one of the main cryptocurrency news websites with 7 million visitors per month, a 80 domain authority and a 3,610 Alexa rank.  A press release on Cointelegraph costs 0.7BTC which at today’s bitcoin price is $2,380.

So the traffic/price ratio for a press release is 7,000,000/2380 = 2941 is another important cryptocurrency website with massive traffic. With 7.5 million visitors per month, a 71 domain authority and a 3,361 Alexa rank.  A press release on costs $349.

So the  traffic/price ratio for a press release is 7,000,000/2380 = 21490

So posting a press release on CCN compared to Cointelegrah is approximately 10 times cheaper according to traffic numbers. However, Cointlegraph beats CCN in term of Domain authority which is an important factor for SEO.

Ethereum World News

Another important cryptocurrency news website is Ethereum World News. With 1.64 million visitors per month, a 58 domain authority and a 28,118 Alexa rank.  A press release on Ethereum World News costs $300.

So the  traffic/price ratio for a press release is 1,640,000/300 = 5467


Cryptoslate is another cryptocurrency news website with 500k visitors per month, a 54 domain authority and a 53,970 Alexa rank.  A press release on Cryptoslate costs $499.

So the  traffic/price ratio for a press release is 500,000/499 = 1002

 7Bitcoins is a new website in crypto space but numbers are growing fast. With 30k visitors per month, a 27 domain authority and a 429,291 Alexa rank. A press release on 7bitcoins costs $49.

So the  traffic/price ratio for a press release is 30,000/49 = 612


  • – Price/ traffic ratio                                 21,490
  • Ethereum World News – Price/ traffic ratio           5,467
  • CoinTelegraph – Price/ traffic ratio                          2,941
  • Cryptoslate – Price/ traffic ratio                                1,002
  • 7Bitcoins – Price/ traffic ratio                                        612

While the traffic price ratio to post a press release on 7bitcoins is smaller the growing room for this new website is big and while links on press releases are permanent would be good option to grab some cheap press releases before it gets popular and prices for releases go up.

Contact us with info about other cryptocurrency websites offering similar service so we can update and keep fresh the information on this article.

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