Silk Road 3.0 Announces Bitcoin Charity Drive

Silk Road 3.0 has returned from the dead not too long ago, and it looks like they will be started an effort to get in people’s good graces again. 


Silk Road 3.0 Charity Drive

Albeit the Silk Road 3.0 platform is not being used for legitimate purposes and transactions, the owners seem to have their heart in the right place when it comes to giving back to the community. Based on a press release they sent out earlier today, there is a plan to hold a charity drive come June 8, 2016.

For every sale taking place on the Silk Road 3.0 platform, US$5 will be donated to the Last Door Recovery Society, even if the sale amount does not exceed this threshold. It appears as if the platform owners will be paying some of the donations out of their own pocket, but giving the revenues they can collect from running this deep web marketplace, they will not go bankrupt anytime soon.

The Last Door Recovery Society is a Vancouver-based Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre, as well as a not-for-profit operating multiple programs. By focusing on both youngsters and adults, as well as adjunct rehab treatment programs for families and partner, they deserve to be supported financially. Bitcoin is a prime candidate for charitable donations, although the origin of funds is rather questionable in this case.

While Silk Road 3.0 is mostly used for selling illegal goods and services – including drugs – the platform operators strongly encourage harm reduction and responsible use of mind altering substances. This may seem rather strange to some people as they would stand to gain less from running the marketplace. Then again, we reported on how the owners are focusing more on their users’ privacy and security than making money for the time being.

Moreover, this will not be the last charity drive conducted by the Silk Road 3.0 platform, and the platform operators urge their user base to send Bitcoin donations to eligible charities on a regular basis. It is commendable to see the people behind this deep web marketplace take such a stance, yet it is rather questionable at the same time.

What are your thoughts on the Silk Road 3.0 charity drive? Will they raise a lot of money with this initiative? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Deep Dot Web

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Last Door Recovery Society

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