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DonkeyMails is one of the best GPT (Get-Paid-To) site out there today. It is people’s preferred money making site, operating since 2005. It has since then accumulated almost 600,000 members and has expanded to covering many options for it’s members to earn money.

Discussed below are the income opportunities which you may use to earn money in DonkeyMails. DonkeyMails is a get paid to site that pays you for completing various tasks. You can earn money reading emails, surfing advertiser’s sites, playing games, and signing up for various offers. The site also has a referral system built in to help you earn extra money when your referrals use the site.

There are many get paid to sites on the Internet. DonkeyMails is one of those sites that have been around for a while.

There’s been a lot of talk about this program in forums and blogs so I’m going to see if the service is legitimate and worth taking part in.

Getting started with DonkeyMails

Step 1. Go DonkeyMails and Register with your email.

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Confirm email & Log In to Your account.

Step 2. On the main menu, you’ll see all the options like “Paid2Click”, “Sign Up”, “Get Paid to Review”, “Paid to Promote” etc. Choose the function you Like to do. Check “Inbox” for paid emails.

1. Make money br reading emails (Paid to Read Emails):

You are given messages in your inbox and all you have to do is to click the link under the paid ad and you will be credited for viewing the ad on your inbox. Viewing the ads on the emails have higher rates (usually $.0025) than the paid-to-click program.

While you can’t earn much by reading emails, you can earn more by click on advertiser ads. You must view them for 30 seconds in order to earn up to 1 cent per view. There are also various offers you can complete in order to earn 10 cents to 10dollars. This will probably be the best way to earn your money.

2. Make money with PTC (Paid to Click):

One of the most common ways of online earning is the paid to click scheme. You will be prompt with a list of banners to click, along with the amount you can earn from clicking each ad. Rates for Paid to Click include $0.01, $0.005, and $0.0025 per ad.

3. Make money with Signups (Paid to Signup):

The paid to signup offers of DonkeyMails provide high returns. The free signup offers range from $0.10-$0.12 per successful signup. Other paid to signup offers even reach as high as $25 but these require some purchases or upgrades to your initialsignup.

4. Make money with Reviews (Get Paid to Review):

You will be prompt with a list of websites along with instructions and a text box. Read the instructions and enter whatever they tell you to enter in the text box. The average pay for this service is $0.05.

5. Make money by promoting (Paid to Promote):

All you have to do is to promote your referral link anywhere. There you will see 2 links for you to promote – one that earns you credit (which can be converted to money) and one that earns you points (used for advertising your own website). For every 1000 unique views your link gets, you will receive $0.50 or 2000 points.

6. Referrel Benefit:

Most best part of this program is that you are paid commission up to 5 level deeps ! The percentages for each level are: level 1- 10% , level 2- 5% , level 3- 3% , level 4- 2% & level 5- 1%.

Payment Information:

Payments are sent out every 2 weeks. You can cash out using either PayPal, Payza, or LibertyReserve. For PayPal and Payza, you need a minimum of $1.00. However, for Liberty Reserve you only need to have earned $0.01.

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The first thing that stands out is that the payout is extremely low for DonkeyMails.You’ll only need to earn 50 cents in order to get paid out by Perfect Money, $2.50 for Solidtrustpay, and $1 for Paypal or Payza. LibertyReserve payouts have no minimum earning requirements. I’m not really familiar with the other payment processors besides Paypal and Payza. The $1 really makes it a big bonus as most users quit before they reach the minimum payout in other get paid to programs. The site also pays once every 2 weeks which is another plus.

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