OXBTC: A Cryptocurrency Investment Service Platform

OXBTC is a cryptocurrency “investment service platform” that offers many different options for profiting from the growing digital currency market. Just recently, the company added Ether cloud mining to its list of services.

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As an all around “investment platform,” OXBTC boasts “the world’s highest ROI,” with users able to make money from cloud mining, trading and “Bitcoin deposit investment products.”

The company provides Bitcoin and Litecoin deposit and GHS, MHS, and ETH cloud mining services “for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.” OXBTC’s deposit contracts reportedly “enjoy the world’s highest Bitcoin/Litecoin ROI.” Users can also purchase and trade cloud hashing power.

Located across China in the Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia regions, the company’s mining farms cover over 200 acres, producing 10 PetaHash of bitcoin cloud mining hashing power and an Ether cloud hashrate of 30 GigaHash.

These mining farms are powered by low-cost electricity. At only 15 cents per kilowatt hour, OXBTC’s low electricity overhead allows it “to deliver the most cost-efficient cloud mining services” to its nearly 80,000 customers worldwide.

In response to the recent rally in the price of Ether, OXBTC has launched cloud mining contracts for the token fueling the Ethereum network. Customers can now purchase a 1-year mining contract at $34.9 USD per ETH MHS with NO maintenance fees.

Regarding all of his company’s mining contracts, OXBTC CEO Weicheng GUO says, “OXBTC is undoubtedly profitable and will continue to be as the mining rigs keep updated.” He continues, “OXBTC will continue to introduce the best miners to guarantee a highest ROI for our users.”

While deposit and cloud mining contracts are the company’s main focus right now, GUO says that they are open to providing other investment products “as long as it’ll benefit our 80,000 users globally.”


OXBTC was founded in October 2014 by several well-established investors in China. We have an experienced R&D team who has been in the Bitcoin industry for many years. Our long-time experience in Bitcoin mining and farm deployment support our success and leadership in China’s Bitcoin mining industry. Meanwhile, Our Global Mining Network consists of many reliable partners to make the best of global resources and deliver the most cost-efficient hashing power.

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