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Intel Conducting Experiments to Massively Scale Blockchain

Intel, the largest chip-maker in the world, is looking to trusted execution environments on its hardware chips to enhance security and privacy for blockchain users.

Speaking   at the Tomorrow’s Transactions conference in London this week,   Kelly Olson, director of the distributed ledger technology group at Intel, discussed ways it is possible to use   a “secure enclave”, similar to what Apple uses for its Touch ID, to increase blockchain security.

Olson’s   group is conducting research on large-scale deployments of blockchains that could scale to several tens of thousands or millions of nodes, though he said the work is still in early … Read the rest “Intel Conducting Experiments to Massively Scale Blockchain”

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ПАММ-инвестирование: неделя 4

Инвeстиции в ПAММ-счeтa

Рeзультaты инвeстирoвaния в ПAММ-счeтa   Прaйвeтa. Пoд кaтoм oтчeт.


Рeзультaты инвестирования

ПАММ-инвестирование: результаты 4 недели

ПАММ-инвестирование: результаты 4 недели

Лучшие управляющие за неделю

Управляющий Доход для инвестора в %
  (3281) 63.88%
  (3152) 50.19%
  (2693) 23.25%

ПАММ-портфель на будущую неделю

Управляющий Сумма в управлении Доля портфеля
Paramon $4   386.88 20.13%
ubunt_real $2   076.93 9.53%
Kuznets $2   127.36 9.76%
diamonds_real $4   323.35 19.84%
advanced $3640 16.70%
Irica $3262.13 14.97%
Pantera $1   976.07 9.07%

Вероятности для моего   портфеля:

Событие Значение
Вероятность убытка по   портфелю 20.28%
Потенциальный доход 3.59%
Максимально-преполагаемая просадка 11.34%
Вероятность просадки хотя бы одного управляющего 57.28%

Продолжаю агрессивничать. Если и в … Read the rest “ПАММ-инвестирование: неделя 4”

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Bitcoin payments can be made instantly. However, there is about a 10-minute delay before the network begins to confirm your transaction, including the unit and before you can spend bitcoins you received. Confirmation means that the network established consensus that bitcoins you received were not already sent to someone else and are considered to be your property in the future. Once your transaction will be included in one block, it will continue to receive confirmation from each subsequent unit that will testify to the strengthening of the consensus and reduce the risk of cancellation of the transaction. Each user is … Read the rest “Transactions”

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Law & Security

As far as we know, Bitcoin is not illegal in terms of the current legislation in most jurisdictions. However, in some jurisdictions (such as Argentina and Russia) legislatively introduced strict restrictions or bans on the use of foreign currencies. Other jurisdictions (eg Thailand) may require licensing of certain subjects, such as bitcoin exchangers. Regulators in different jurisdictions have taken steps to establish rules for individuals and legal entities aimed at, in order to integrate this new technology into the existing financial system. For example, the American network to combat financial crime (FinCEN), a division of the Ministry of Finance of … Read the rest “Law & Security”

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New Bitcoin are in a competitive and decentralized process, which is called “mining”. This process implies that people receive compensation from the network for their services. Anyone who is engaged in mining, in fact processes transactions and provides network security by using specialized equipment, and for that gets new bitcoins.

Bitcoin protocol is designed so that the new bitcoins generated at a fixed rate. This makes bitcoin mining a very competitive business. When a larger number of earners joins the network, it becomes harder and harder to make a profit, and miners have to look for ways to reduce their … Read the rest “Mining”

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How to get Bitcoin?

You can get bitcoins as payment for goods and services.
You are free to buy bitcoins in bitcoin exchangers.
You may exchange bitcoins through someone close to you.
You may mine bitcoins via Bitcoin Mining.
While there are people who sell bitcoins in exchange for payment by credit card or PayPal, the majority of exchangers do not allow replenishment of funds through these instruments. It happens due to the fact that people who have bought bitcoins via PayPal, then very often refuse payment. It usually occurs as a refund.

Bitcoin payments easier to implement than the payments on a plastic … Read the rest “How to get Bitcoin?”

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