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The Historical Bitcoin Bull Market, Last Year Started After The BCH Upgrade

The Bitcoin Cash network has now been upgraded yesterday 15th November. Seems that Bitcoin ABC will likely win the civil war with help from Bitstamp and McAffe. The event might have a bullish impact on Bitcoin price.

Talking about this war In tweet McAffe stated:

“The war raging around Jihan Wu was started by the egos and short sightedness of the Bitcoin developers. The developers serve the community, not some ideal principal of technology. And they certainly do not control our community. Wake up developers. You could have avoided this.”

The main figure of this hash war was Craig Wright … Read the rest

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What Caused The Bitcoin Drop Under $5,600

Bitcoin plummets under $5,600 for the first time since October 2017 breaking the strong support line that holds all the long 2018 bearish months. The overall market cap lost 25 billion while Bitcoin was going down, Altcoins followed as usually with bigger losses.

Bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital currency drop by 15%, with the most of the fall in a half hour period of time. It’s the largest drop since February. Other Cryptocurrencies drooped more heavily, like  Ether, Litecoin, and XRP dropping over 17%.

Bitcoin Cash which is having a controversial hard fork on 15 November, fell 21% making it … Read the rest

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Thai Democratic Party elections  – 127,479 people across Thailand Voted Using Zcoin Blockchain

The privacy oriented Zcoin Blockchain was used in the recent elections held by the Thai Democratic Party to choose their new leader. As indicated by the Zcoin release, a total number of 127,479 participants from all over Thailand voted using their blockchain, making this event the largest scale application of blockchain technology in elections.

This is why between 1st and 9th November the Zcoin network had a large number of transactions added on each block. It was because they were running elections on their blockchain.

The electronic voting was conducted using two techniques: through voting stations across the country using … Read the rest

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Woman fights Bank for 2 years to get Information on her Account – This is why we need Bitcoin

A woman from Edmonton, Canada who spent two years fighting with her bank to obtain information about her own account is going public with documents breaking the confidentiality agreement she signed. All this in an effort to expose a secretive system build against the customer she says.

Image Source

During an interview at her home for Go Public, the woman who documented many telephone calls and emails revealed boxes of printed material — the aftereffect of her long battle with CIBC for a document she says would demonstrate unauthorized transactions on her account.

The unauthorized transaction was a $691 … Read the rest

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Crypto Adoption Expected From Iran After Removal From SWIFT Banking System

This week, the U.S. authoritatively removed Iran from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) network, making impossible for the Central Bank of Iran to work with financial institutions around the world. In response to this ban, Iran could switch to crypto as they hinted earlier this year.

The U.S. government forced strict sanctions on Iran in May, removing banks of the second level from the SWIFT network. Without precedent in history, Iran’s national bank has been removed from the SWIFT system, a step that basically denies Iran from sending and accepting transactions to and from its partners.


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IOTA Invited In The Frankfurt European Banking Congress – Friday 16 November

The Frankfurt European Banking Congress (EBC) is one of Europe’s most important congresses of the banking and finance sector.

Many high-level representatives from politics, business, finance, and academia  will speak in the Congress, among them Mario Draghi (European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main) Tobias Adrian (International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.) Olaf Scholz (Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin) etc.

Looking at the Congress speakers this year on their official page a young boy on T-shirt appears among the formally dressed speakers. He is Dominik Schiener, The Chairman of the Board of Directors, IOTA Foundation, Berlin.… Read the rest

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