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Segwit2x Miners Accidentally Fork Bitcoin Testnet

TheMerkle Bitcoin Testnet Forks

The Bitcoin testnet does not often breaks down suddenly. For some reason, that is exactly what happened two days ago. After someone mined many testnet blocks, it seemingly triggered some protocol, which would reject blocks if they are below a certain size. It took some time to rectify this situation, but things are seemingly back to normal.

Bitcoin Testnet BTC1 Breaks Down Briefly

It appears a splitting of the Bitcoin blockchain is not the only thing to worry about right now. For the first time in a while, the BTC1 testnet experienced such a major issue which left all nodes Read the rest

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Why is the Ethereum Price Dropping and Will it Recover?

TheMerkle Ethereum market Correction

A lot of people are concerned about the current Ethereum price trend. Ether’s value has dropped significantly these past few days. The entire cryptocurrency scene is in a bearish market right now, yet it seems Ethereum is getting the worst of it compared to other major altcoins. One thing people would like to know is why this is happening right now.

The Rise and Fall of Ethereum in 2017

There are many different reasons why Ethereum’s price is falling after its incredible run during the past few months. Any strong value increase will ultimately lead to a correction. Anyone who Read the rest

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Logistics Company A2B Direct Has Launched Token Sale

a2b direct

Logistics company A2B Direct currently operating in Eastern Europe has launched an Ethereum-backed Token Sale on July 12th, 2017. The campaign is scheduled to last for a month, and seeks to raise €500,000 to €3,000,000.

The platform was first introduced in late 2016, and became widely known as a “freight Uber.” The service provides direct interaction between freight forwarders and cargo owners, ensuring 24/7 communication with the driver, and taking care of all involved paperwork while getting rid of forwarding expenses.

Unlike most companies that hold coin offerings, A2B Direct does not raise funds for the purpose of developing a Read the rest

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Huge Bitcoin Scorecast with an Exhilarating Weekend of Serie A Football – Atletico Goianiese vs Vitoria

Following a much more tranquil week of Bitcoin movement with some signs of stability around the average of 2500 USD mark, it’s yet again time to dive into the world of Brazil Serie A. Not to mention any of the top contenders this season, a vicious clash towards the lower end of the table will still offer some tasty bets in the form of Atletico Goianiese vs Vitoria this Saturday. Nevertheless, some generous stakes are already on offer ahead of a generally exciting weekend of Serie A football here.

The Home Boys Need it Most

Athletico Goianiese is undoubtedly the … Read the rest

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WannaCry Clone Marks the Fourth Major Ransomware Attack Against the Ukraine in two Months

TheMerkle Ukraine WannaCry Clone

While most people have all but forgotten about the WannaCry ransomware attack, residents of the Ukraine are dealing with a clone of this destructive malware. More specifically, it is one of the many ransomware campaigns targeting Ukraine specifically, which is quite problematic. This new clone does not have an official name yet, but it shows clear similarities to WannaCry.

Ukraine is a big Target for Ransomware Attacks

It is unclear why we currently have so many malware campaigns targeting Ukrainian consumers and corporations. Four different distribution campaigns have been discovered so far, although it is possible that number will continue Read the rest

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Major Bitcoin Exchanges Become Main Targets of Cyberattacks

bitcoin exchange cyberattack













Cryptocurrencies are relatively young and fragile, but already they’re under constant threats from cybercriminals. Just during this past week there have been multiple attacks on bitcoin exchanges, rendering their services useless and customers unable to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency.

Whether by accident or not, these attacks happened at the same time that investors’ interest in digital currencies has also gone through the roof. Cryptocurrencies are being rapidly adopted by multiple countries, institutions, services and agencies. Fundraising through ICOs is also reaching record heights, and people are starting … Read the rest

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