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Bitcoin’s Price Continues to Rise – Analyst Says it’ll Reach $100,000 in Next 10 Years 0

Bitcoin’s Price Continues to Rise – Analyst Says it’ll Reach $100,000 in Next 10 Years

Bitcoin’s Price

Kay Van-Petersen, the analyst who predicted the Bitcoin price going up to $2,000 now has another prediction, and this time, it’s even more astonishing. According to his newest prediction, the price of Bitcoin might even reach $100,000 during the next decade. If true, this newest prediction would mark a 3,483% rise.

This analyst’s first prediction was published back in December by Saxo Bank, and his report was even called “Outrageous Predictions.” Back then he said that the price of Bitcoin would go from $754 to $2,000. The report raised quite a few eyebrows, but then it happened, and Bitcoin hit … Read the rest

Ulbricht Loses Appeal 0

Ulbricht Loses Appeal

ross loses appeal

Two years after the darknet market Silk Road launched, the FBI shut it down, and seized the Bitcoin funds of sellers and buyers that were held there. They proceeded to arrest the person they felt was the owner and founder, Ross William Ulbricht. Ulbricht’s pseudonym on the site’s forums was “Dread Pirate Roberts” or “DPR” for short. Just a few days ago, Ulbricht lost his appeal and will serve life in prison. He has no possibility for parole.

The Silk Road

For the readers who may not fully know, the Silk Road was a darknet marketplace that was primarily used Read the rest


IBM Q Offers Quantum Computing as a Service


Quantum computing has always sparked the imagination of technology enthusiasts and scientists. Until now, the process to gain access to a supercomputer remains quite expensive. IBM hopes to change all that by launching the “Q” service, which provides quantum computing as a service. An intriguing development that will potentially spur a new race to build the world’s fastest supercomputer.

A Quantum Computer as a Service

On paper, it sounds rather crazy to think anyone in the world could get access to a supercomputer. Most consumers and small businesses do not have any use for this technology whatsoever. Computers Read the rest


Altcoin Traders Should Stop ‘Thoughtlessly Pressing Buttons’ – CryptoPing CEO

Amid the surge in altcoin prices, traders both amateur and professional are constantly seeking ways to maximize profits and mitigate risk.

Altcoins: Vast Profits And ‘Thoughtlessly Pressing Buttons’

While making money from altcoins has never been easier, as fortunes grow, the fear of a bubble popping is increasingly on everyone’s lips.

Bitcoin commentators such as Vinny Lingham have warned the industry for several months about its price growing too quickly. In alt markets, however, speculation has always been the name of the game.

Major exchanges, particularly alt-focused Poloniex, are feeling the strain from an influx of new users looking capitalize Read the rest


What is Siacoin?

With the variety of altcoins on the market it may be confusing to keep track of all the ICOs and projects. This article will teach you about Siacoin (SC) and what its purpose is. In short SC is a distributed cloud storage platform, ultimately liberating unused storage space.

The idea for the project was conceived back in 2013 at HackMIT, which is a hackathon hosted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The idea is simple, allow anyone to rent out their storage space and in return reward them for their contribution.

The promise of Sia is a decentralized network of

Read the rest

Swiss EY Team & Polybius Are Building a ‘Cryptobank’, ICO to Follow

Swiss EY (Ernst & Young) Partner Daniel Haudenshild, financial services managers Valdemar Scherer and Sven Möller are collaborating with Polybius Bank project’s team to assist in company operations, technology, and legislation. Polybius’ target is to offer a fully regulated, decentralized bank for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Big Four Auditor EY Interested in ‘Cryptobank’ Project

The Estonia-based startup is targeting the ICO for this month, in a bid to add to the initiative’s growing community support. Ernst and Young, one of the ‘Big Four,’ audit and consulting firms, whose activities involve advisory support to financial institutions expressed interest after Polybius presented Read the rest