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Для чего нужно использовать биткоин-миксеры?

Существует распространенное заблуждение о том, что все операции с биткоином проводятся анонимно и совершать транзакции с этой криптовалютой безопасно. Так кажется неопытным держателям криптовалюты потому, что блокчейн Bitcoin не предоставляет никаких данных о держателях монет. Однако опытные пользователи знают, что использование bitcoin blender перед каждой транзакцией с BTC позволит н предупредить целый ряд проблем в будущем.

Преимущества использования биткоин-миксеров

Блокчейн Bitcoin называют безопасным и анонимным потому, что от пользователя не требуют ввода персональных данных, а сама система не контролирует осуществление транзакций и их назначение. Однако нужно понимать, что блокчейн является своеобразной базой данных, в которой хранится вся история совершенных операций. … Read the rest

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Ethplode Token Airdrop – Get 150 Free ETHPLO Tokens

An interesting token was launched yesterday. The new token named ETHPLO is similar to the BOMB, the token launched in January.

BOMB is the most deflationary one between the coins and tokens because every time a transaction is sent 1 BOMB is burned. In the beginning, there were only 1 million BOMB tokens, but now after 6 months, the total supply is 969,634 BOMB tokens.

When the token was launched there was an airdrop that gave away 200-300 BOMB tokens to everybody signing in with an email.

BOMB price hit $12 some days ago making the 200-300 tokens airdrop more … Read the rest

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How can Bitcoin Reduce Economic Inequality

Economic inequality is a highly debatable topic, yet it is frequently misunderstood.
Economic inequality refers to “income inequality distribution” and “wealth inequality distribution”.
What Is Income Inequality?

According to investopedia, Income inequality is an extreme concentration of wealth or income in the hands of a small percentage of a population. It has been described as the gap between the richest and the rest.

When we speak about economic inequality in this article we are speaking about countries with democratic systems because those with totalitarian regimes are equally poor except their leaders and oligarchs.

Yet when speaking about income inequality in … Read the rest

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Bitcoin could hit $10k in June amid Facebook’s Crypto Launch

Bitcoin surged more than 60% in the last month, making May the best performing month this year.

However some pullback happened with the start of the new month, June and bulls seem to have slowed down the rally, ceding more power to the bears.

But statistically speaking, what does mean the month June for bitcoin and what is the bitcoin price seasonality?

Before looking at June let take a look at historical prices in May. Statistically speaking May is the best performing month for bitcoin in the 5 last years with an average gain of 21% with a 71% high … Read the rest

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The Geco One platform generates synergies between the active parts of the market

A new trading platform for cryptographic assets will be launched in the coming weeks. is aiming to be one of the complete platforms for digital trading. The competition is stiff, a technological sector that increases the benchmark continuously presenting advances every short space of time. Therefore, the trading platform presented by Geco One requires a special touch and first-rate features. A next-generation options menu will make it possible to trade inside PAMM services, futures trading, leverage, and both long and short positions from a single platform; … Read the rest

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TrueGoldCoin goes back to the roots of coins with TGC

The versatility of Blockchain plus the real value of gold reserves backing it, results in TGC

Today, we are presenting a project that will have an important impact, the launch of a token linked to gold mining rights. A talented team, with decades of successful entrepreneurial activities and hard work, presents the revolutionary TrueGoldCoin token.

A project based on more than 30 years of experience at the highest level. Innovation in networks and telecommunications, Artificial intelligence, ISP management, design and configuration. The founders of the TrueGoldCoin project offer an unique token, mixing solid commodity mining titles with the versatility of … Read the rest

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