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Crypto Market Ads presents the crypto marketing and advertising marketplace

Crypto Market Ads offers a working platform and multiple marketing options

Crypto Market Ads introduces a new marketplace that solves all advertising and marketing needs; focused on Crypto & Blockchain market niches. The typical difficulties and problems are eliminated in a flash, connecting publishers and advertisers in the industry on a platform designed to fit the needs. By participating free of charge, the market environment allows publishers to engage in fairly and successfully competing, allowing them to maintain competitive prices. It leads to the discovery of costs that are as low as affordable and attractive to advertisers.

The crypto advertising … Read the rest

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Brave Rewards Now Available For Android Users

More than 10 million Android users now will see the BAT symbol on their phones. Brave, the privacy-focused browsers has launched “Brave rewards” for Android users. “Brave rewards” is a program that rewards users for browsing the internet using the brave browser.

To celebrate the event, Brave announced that a 100,000 BAT will be allocated for grants. Each user will receive $5 in BAT. In order to receive the free BAT tokens, Brave users have to click the reward
“accept” button in Brave Rewards.

Some users were asking why they don’t see the grants on their Rewards page.

A Brave … Read the rest

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Adamant Capital Report: “Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation”

Recently bitcoin price is hovering at the $5,300 level. Despite being 75% down from the ATH the sentiment in the crypto community has improved a lot while the price is no going up steadily.

A recent report by Adamant Capital says that smart like institutional investors or crypto whales are in the accumulation phase. The accumulation phase is the last phase of a bear market.

The company which runs a bitcoin fund is advising its clients that now is an ideal time to buy. When the BTC bulls set their grasp, the bitcoin price is set out toward the moon, … Read the rest

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Nuvo is Building a Blockchain-Based Decentralized Communications Ecosystem for Africa and Beyond

It comes as a surprise to most people that the network we know as the “world-wide web” is in many ways not world-wide at all. For instance, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have long been banned in the People’s Republic of China1 – which was followed by a ban of WhatsApp in 20172. Another example is general access to the Internet in Eritrea, where less than 1.18% of the population of over 4.4 million people uses the Internet3. More shockingly, a 2016 study by Cambridge University revealed that more than sixty countries engage in some form of state-sponsored … Read the rest

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Banking Industry CEOs Before the Congress for the 10th Anniversary of the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis

CEOs of seven of the biggest banks in the U.S. responded to some questions from members of the Congress on Wednesday. Some of the questions were about potential risks to the financial system and other concentrated more on politically-related subjects.

Photo: Photo For The Washington Post By J. Lawler Duggan

Participants in the meeting:

Jamie Dimon – JPMorgan Chase
David Solomon – Goldman Sachs
James Gorman – Morgan Stanley
Brian Moynihan – Bank of America
Ronald O’Hanley – State Street Corporation
Charles Scharf – Bank of New York Mellon
Michael Corbat – Citigroup

According to Ap News, this is … Read the rest

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Decibet – The Unsurpassed Crypto Betting site

Decibet Preview

Decibet, a new entrant into the sports betting arena, is the new craze in town among bettors. The online platform has stormed the wagering market with its crypto-based functionality. Users can use cryptocurrencies to bet and cash out on Decibet, and the two processes are super-fast. Also, the bookie provides the best quotes that phenomenally increase the chances of winning a bet.

Decibet’s Essential features

Straightforward Interface

Decibet has a neatly arranged interface that saves each user’s time. The platform is systematically arranged to provide access to all the essential features required in betting.

The website is … Read the rest

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