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Albany, NY Node40, the innovative masternode service provider, is announcing the addition of new price breaks for its users.

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“We’re constantly looking for ways we can save our customers money and remain competitive in this ecosystem,” says Node40 co-founder Perry Woodin. “The partnership we have with our customers is unique in the cryptocurrency space.

Woodin adds, “Node40 consistently brings both value and stability to an environment that sees unpredictable ups and downs.”

Previously, customers paid 3.25 dash per month, with a 5 percent discount for buying six months of service at one time, or a 10 percent discount for a 12-month bundle.

Now, Node40’s base price is 2.98 dash, with the following discounts allocated:

  • 5 percent off for a three-month subscription
  • 10 percent off for a six-month subscription
  • 15 percent off for a nine-month subscription
  • 20 percent off for a 12-month subscription

With its service, Node40 aims to “[automate] the commissioning process for Dash masternodes, and [supply] a monitor for you to view the health and valuation of your nodes.”

The commissioning process is automated via the Masternode Setup Wizard. Customers enter a public key into the wizard and Node40 will spin up a new server in real-time.

After setting up the new server, the company will generate the masternode.conf line item for the customer’s wallet. The user can then send one month’s payment and remote-start their masternode from their local wallet.

Masternode monitoring comes free with the remote hosting service. Operators can monitor as many nodes as they want through Node40, even if they aren’t hosted with the company.

With its health monitor and automated repair feature, Node40 also monitors their hosted nodes and implements “automated services” that will immediately fix detected issues.

The company is working on a financial reporting tool as well, which will allow customers to track their Dash transactions across multiple wallets, ensuring accurate capital gains reporting to the IRS at tax time.

Dash users can host a Dash Masternode through Node40 in four easy steps:

  • Create an account
  • Acquire Dash at your favorite exchange or through the company’s integration
  • Commission a node with the setup wizard
  • Enjoy the passive revenue from your new masternode!

About Node40

Albany-based Node40 focuses on incentivized nodes — nodes that pay operators for participating in the network. They are the premier Dash masternode hosting company founded by Perry Woodin and Sean Ryan in 2015. In the world of distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) decentralized blockchain applications, stability is of paramount importance. Node40 was founded to make it easy for anybody who wants to participate in supporting P2P networks like Dash.

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Media Contact

Brandon Kostinuk

Communications Lead

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