New Competition with Bitcoin Casinos No Deposit Bonuses

Bitcoin Casinos Start Offering New Bonuses Making Them Harder Competition

The introduction of cryptocurrency has revolutionized the e-gaming industry. And, the popularity of bitcoin casino bonuses without deposits has helped the industry to grow fast over the last 12 months. It has given new dimensions to traditional games and made giving promotions easier. At the moment fiat based casinos are dominating the online presence. It is still a long way behind its rival but is gathering a head of steam. It is possible that over the next five years, crypto could become mainstream and it would be no surprise as it is making online gambling easier.
Cryptocurrency Based Games Online

There are thousands of cryptocurrency based games online to choose from. Most are available on a free play basis. The most economical way to play them though is by using bitcoin casino bonuses without deposits. There are advantages and disadvantages to gaming in this way. In this article I go into detail of them to help you understand how best to use these promotional offers.

Price And Speed Of Bitcoin Payment System

When it comes to price and speed of payment, crypto beats fiat currency hands down. It is possible to send money instantly anywhere in the world with bitcoin. It cuts out the middleman so the transaction cost is far lower. It is also more secure due to the transaction being carried out on “The Block Chain” which is the most secured encrypted database in the world.

Welcome Crypto

The introduction of welcome crypto with no deposit bonus has attracted a new breed of player. They used free bonuses to their advantage to gamble without taking any of the risks. To combat this online bitcoin casinos have introduced advertising on their websites to cover the cost of the winnings from these players.

Anonymity And Privacy

One of the features that bitcoin offers its users is complete anonymity should be they wish. With each person storing their currency, their financial matters are entirely private. For people who have certain job roles, keeping the fact that they are gambling has an added advantage. Fiat money will show up on your bank statements and could prove problematic when an applying for a loan. Lenders are less risk averse, so they are taking a closer look at an applicant’s personal habits. If a lender sees that the applicant has been placing bets, it could go against them, and they end up been rejected for the finance.

The Price Of Bitcoin

One cause of concern when bitcoin was first introduced was the dramatic fluctuation in its price. Over the last 12 months this has stabilized and it was even the best performing asset of 2015. The price has increased a lot so far this year and will keep on rising should there be more uncertain financial stability around the world. Cryptocurrency is now seen as a safe haven for investors who want to keep their money secure. There is a big risk that a banking bail in might happens in other countries as it did in Cyprus. If that happen, it will encourage much more to hold part of their currency on the block chain.

Author Bio: The author of this article is sports writer and gambling analyst John Hawthorne. As changes are made to the current system of gambling in the U.S., John is always keeping his ears open to new opportunities within the online gambling world.

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