Kaspersky Labs’ RakhniDecryptor Can Now Decrypt Jaff Ransomware Free of Charge

Over the past few weeks, we have paid some attention to the Jaxx ransomware strain. It turns out this is not much of a threat anymore, thanks to a new decryptor tool being released by Kaspersky Labs. This is excellent news for anyone who is currently dealing with a Jaff ransomware infection. It is also interesting this decryptor was released without the malware developers releasing the master decryption key.

Jaff Ransomware Meets Its Demise

It is good to see the Jaff ransomware threat come to an end. Over the past few weeks, this particular type of malicious software has made a big impact on a global scale. Many people have dealt with a Jaff ransomware infection, and getting rid of the ransomware has proven to be incredibly difficult. After all, Jaff is one of those ransomware types deleting the shadow volume copies on your computer, preventing users from restoring data through a backup.

After a thorough analysis of the Jaff ransomware samples, engineers at Kaspersky Labs have been able to reverse engineer the malicious tool and its encryption process. In most cases, this is only possible when the malware developer releases the master decryption key. So far, that has not happened where Jaff is concerned, nor will it be necessary from this point forward.

The newly released Jaff decryptor will be able to get rid of the malware on your computer without making a payment. That is quite a relief to everyone who has been dealing with this ransomware over the past few weeks. The decryptor is seemingly also capable of removing modified versions of Jaff, since there are at least three different versions of this malware in existence right now. The decryptor can handle the .jaff, .wlu, and .sVn extensions in its current iteration.

Anyone dealing with a Jaff ransomware infection can decrypt their files by terminating the malware first and foremost. This can be done through the Windows Task Manager and kill any process you have not seen before. More specifically, this malware usually creates a Windows process with a few letters and many numbers in the name. In some cases, this process starts with “SKM_”, but your mileage may vary.

Once the Jaff ransomware process has been terminated, users can download the RakhniDecryptor tool from the Kaspersky Labs website. Once the program is running, it will automatically scan your computer for any type of malicious software and attempt to get rid of it. Do keep in mind you need to use version or higher to ensure your decryptor can handle the Jaff malware. Previous iterations of this tool do not have this support enabled right now.

By selecting any random encrypted file on your computer, the decryptor tool will be more than capable of getting rid of Jaff altogether. Do keep in mind this process will take some time, depending on how powerful your computer is. Once the decryption process has been completed, you will still need to get rid of the encrypted files as well. These can be safely removed, but only do so if all of your files have been recovered by the decryptor.

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