Justin Sun Not Giving the Tesla to The Winner they Announced First

Earlier this month Founder of TRON and owner of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, announced on Twitter an $20 million giveaway. To take part in the drawing all the user needed to do was to follow and retweet. The event got a lot of attention also because they would pick a winner for e Tesla on March 27th.

The Tesla Draw

Two weeks later Sun posts on Twitter a video picking the Tesla winner. The video is no longer on Twitter, and that because of technical problems that twitter have compressed the video according to Sun.

However, the vigilant Twitter community archived the deleted video and it can be found here.

Many users reported concerns about how the draw was handled including that the Tesla draw took place 88 times.

The Tesla Winner

The guy who was picked in the draw in the deleted vide some hours ago posted a tweet with a poll, asking if he is getting scammed from Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation.

In response to that Justin Sun commented:

I sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience regarding the sweepstakes. I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify the situation. The team has come to the conclusion that non-livestream methods to determine the winner may cause ambiguity and controversy.

Many users commented that Tron should give this guy the Tesla because it is not his fault for the mess they have done with the draw process. Some even commented that they should give away 2 Teslas. However what Sun offered was a ticket to the TRON summit in 2020, including a fully paid round-trip ticket to the event location.

It’s incredibly amazing that after 10 years in the blockchain technology, a team that can not even do random drawing has a coin with a market-cap bigger that one billion dollars. We have a lot of cleaning to do before the blockchain economy consolidates.

Edit: We were contacted by Tron representatives claiming that they will award 2 Teslas and it seems that they made an announcement on medium about that.

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