Invesco Will Launch a Blockchain ETF On London Stock Exchange

During the past week, US investigators arrested the 4 Billion Dollar crypto pyramid scheme “OneCoin”, an investigator hired by the Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX found that the cold storage wallets had been emptied since April 2018 leaving a mystery about the $150 million users money where might have gone!

Only weeks after JPM announced its own stablecoin, and Facebook announced the launch of FaceCoin, the Financial Times reported Saturday that the world’s greatest blockchain-centered ETF will start exchanging at the London Stock Exchange on Monday.

The fund will concentrate on organizations with operating in emerging technology. The fund portfolio will include 48 companies. From companies from Taiwan like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to established US companies like  Microsoft and Intel.

“The Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF will start trading on the London Stock Exchange on Monday. The ETF will invest in companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, which supplies cryptocurrency manufacturers with mining chips, and CME Group, the US exchange operator that has pioneered bitcoin futures trading. Other constituents of the ETF, which carries a 65 basis points management fee, include Apple, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

Chris Mellor, head of ETF equity product management in Europe at Invesco, said the potential for blockchain to boost earnings was often not reflected in the share prices of companies such as Rio Tinto, the mining company that owns hydroelectric assets that could be harnessed for cryptocurrency mining. The ETF will initially invest in a portfolio of 48 companies based on a proprietary scoring system developed by Elwood Asset Management, a specialist crypto investment boutique backed by Alan Howard, co-founder of the Brevan Howard hedge fund.

Bin Ren, Elwood chief executive, said the possible applications for blockchain extended far beyond cryptocurrencies. “We are beginning to see the technology being used by financial services companies in particular, but we expect greater application of blockchain technology across a wide range of industries,” said Mr Ren.

A bunch of other blockchain-centered ETFs has launched in the US and Europe, yet most have pulled in just small amounts of investment capital.

In any case, as enthusiasm for blockchain innovation strengthens (in spite of the way that banks are just presently starting to discover specialty use-cases for it over 10 years after its introduction to the world), the prospects for a bitcoin ETF stay uncertain.

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