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Ethereum PoS a Good Investment Opportunity, Only 32 ETH to Stake

There has been a lot of perplexity around Ethereum’s planned change from PoW (Proof of Work) to PoS (Proof of Stake). In this article, we will explain what are these changes and what is the goal of these changes.

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What is the Constantinople Hard Fork?

Ethereum intends to dispatch both Casper and Sharding with the Constantinople hard fork. Basically, there will be a hard fork which will incorporate these new changes. Both Casper (Ethereum’s enhanced emphasis of PoS) and sharding will help Ethereum scale from a technical and financial point of view.

What is conventional Read the rest

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Ethereum (ETH) in Consolidation Zone Before Breakout

Ethereum (ETH) changed hands above the $165 two days ago and now price is correcting near the $150 level. ETH/USD pair is actually consolidating and likely getting ready for the following move.

Ethereum price is following a bullish pattern where the resistance is becoming support.

ETH/USD is exchanging over a key bullish pattern at $155.

The price may stay at the 160-150 range before the next move.

After testing the $150 level Ethereum started a slight upward movement.

The price as of now is exchanging in a range close to the $160.00 level and it appears as though it is … Read the rest

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Ethereum Back in Second Place in CoinMarketCap

Ethereum the second most popular cryptocurrency suffered a big drop in 2018 loosing more than 80% of its value going from $1400 to $83. At the same time in the last months losing the second position in the index. Ethereum suffered a massive sell-0f in summer which was caused mostly from ICOs selling their ETH funds.

But today 2 January 2019 it seems that Ethereum regained the second position and it is changing hands at $150 at the time of writing. Ethereum almost doubled in price in the last 30 days after hitting the $83 mark which is the … Read the rest

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The Ethereum Lottery Built on a Smart Contract and Visible in Blockchain

With the amazing features, the Ethereum network offers it is possible to make Dapps that you do not need to trust any humans but you can verify and trust an algorithm.

The Ethereum Smart Contract Lottery works in a way that when 11 players have joined the game, the contract randomly will select one of the 11 players and send the winner 10/11 of the funds while 1/11 of the funds is sent to the contract creator.

The lottery is provably fair, it runs automatically by a smart contract and results are visible in the blockchain.

This is how the … Read the rest

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3 Factors Causing the Ethereum (ETH) Price Decline

Early in January this year, Ethereum price hit $14,000, then crypto-world entered in a bear market and like other cryptocurrencies ETH price had considerable loses. At the time of writing Ethereum is changing hands under the $200 price. The digital currency has hit a decrease of about 85% (compared to its top price) on 12th of October hitting $189. The dip was caused by some fake news about Goldman Sachs halting plans for a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading desk.
It is important to remember that Ethereum was trading at around $300 the last year in the same period.… Read the rest

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Saying Bitcoin Will Crash Now at $6,500 it is the Same as Saying Bitcoin Will Moon at $20,000

Bitcoin price Volatility has stabilized to a decent degree in the last 2 months. The difference between the high and low is about 2.58% in the last 2 months. Many bullish signals for a bull run seems to be around the corner.  But seems that people are less confident and fear a further price drop. This sentiment has been confirmed by a poll conducted by om Lee (Head of research at Fundstrat Global) were more than 50% of the 9000 participants think that the price didn’t bottom yet.

A Jeniper research report has been published yesterday on Bloomberg with title … Read the rest

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