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3 Factors Causing the Ethereum (ETH) Price Decline

Early in January this year, Ethereum price hit $14,000, then crypto-world entered in a bear market and like other cryptocurrencies ETH price had considerable loses. At the time of writing Ethereum is changing hands under the $200 price. The digital currency has hit a decrease of about 85% (compared to its top price) on 12th of October hitting $189. The dip was caused by some fake news about Goldman Sachs halting plans for a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading desk.
It is important to remember that Ethereum was trading at around $300 the last year in the same period.… Read the rest

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Saying Bitcoin Will Crash Now at $6,500 it is the Same as Saying Bitcoin Will Moon at $20,000

Bitcoin price Volatility has stabilized to a decent degree in the last 2 months. The difference between the high and low is about 2.58% in the last 2 months. Many bullish signals for a bull run seems to be around the corner.  But seems that people are less confident and fear a further price drop. This sentiment has been confirmed by a poll conducted by om Lee (Head of research at Fundstrat Global) were more than 50% of the 9000 participants think that the price didn’t bottom yet.

A Jeniper research report has been published yesterday on Bloomberg with title … Read the rest

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ERC20 Token Standard Officially Formalized by Ethereum Developers

TheMerkle ERC20 EIP20 Ethereum

Most Ethereum and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have become familiar with ERC20 tokens. This token standard is used to create new forms of currency on the Ethereum blockchain. Now that Ethereum Improvement Proposal 20 has been formally adopted, the ERC20 token standard is officially instituted. This is a major development for the ecosystem as a whole, as the proposal also formally establishes API standards for Ethereum-based tokens.

ERC20 is now an Instituted Standard

Although many people have gotten used to the concept of ERC20 tokens, the “standard” itself was never an actual standard to begin with. Rather, it was a way for Read the rest

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Matchpool Launches Alpha Release of Its Blockchain-based Matchmaking Platform

Earlier this week, Israeli-based startup Matchpool released its much-anticipated blockchain-based matchmaking platform, currently in its alpha stage of development.

Connecting People on the Blockchain

Initially created to be a dating platform, Matchpool has grown to become the first community and incentive driven social network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The ambitious project combines the best features of social platforms like Slack, Facebook, and popular online dating apps to provide a way to bring together like-minded people. It also ensures monetary incentives for those who make matches possible through the integration of its own ERC20 token, the Guppy (GUP).Read the rest

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Why is the Ethereum Price Dropping and Will it Recover?

TheMerkle Ethereum market Correction

A lot of people are concerned about the current Ethereum price trend. Ether’s value has dropped significantly these past few days. The entire cryptocurrency scene is in a bearish market right now, yet it seems Ethereum is getting the worst of it compared to other major altcoins. One thing people would like to know is why this is happening right now.

The Rise and Fall of Ethereum in 2017

There are many different reasons why Ethereum’s price is falling after its incredible run during the past few months. Any strong value increase will ultimately lead to a correction. Anyone who Read the rest

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The Public Sector is Embracing Bitcoin and the Blockchain

embracing bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have brought much needed innovation to the private sector. We have seen an entirely new market where fortunes are made and lost, where traders pour over charts, and where businesses can implement new technology previously unfathomable.

Though business was not always so quick to accept Bitcoin and the Blockchain. But as we all know that way it goes with any sort of worthwhile innovation: first they ridicule you then they attack you, then when they cannot beat you they copy or accept you. The public sector has been even slower to realize the potential of the Read the rest

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