Elon Musk Takes $50 Million in Loans Right Before he Talked About Bitcoin

Yesterday reported that Elon Musk had mortgaged 5 of his houses in late January to take a loan of $50 million according to a report published yesterday by Zerohedge.

Another report from Bloomberg has affirmed that Musk as of late took out $61 million in home loans on five properties that he possesses in California. Four of these properties are in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles and one is in the Bay Area.

The loans were approved by Morgan Stanley, as was initially theorized, and speak to $50 million in new loans for Musk. One advance was a renegotiating on a 20,200 or more sq. foot property that Musk acquired in 2012 for $17 million. The underlying $10 million loans he went up against the property has now transformed into a $19.5 million obligation, with a regularly scheduled payment of about $180,000 per month.

Musk’s loans will be long term with a fixed 3.5% loan cost for the initial couple of years that will modify dependent on a file.

“The loans show how even the wealthiest people use mortgages to maintain liquidity,” stated Bloomberg, yet not speculating about the fact that why an individual worth an announced $23.4 billion would require $60 million in home loans.

It is important to note that Musk recently also started talking about bitcoin in some tweets.

Is this a Coincidence, or he has gone all in mortgaging even the houses?

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