Dentacoin Token is Supported on Five Exchanges Even Before ICO

Dentacoin is the leading cryptocurrency and review platform for the dental industry in Europe. The implications of their innovation will be monumental and global in scale. Even now before their ICO, their token is listed on five different exchanges already. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for Dentacoin, traders, and the dentistry industry as a whole.

Trading Even Before the ICO

It is no small feat that Dentacoin was able to have its token from its presale listed on even one exchange, but they were able to secure trading on five separate platforms. This demonstrates the overwhelming support that Dentacoin has from its community and early supporters already.

Currently, the five exchanges that support the DCN token are Cryptopia, CoinExchange, Mercatox, and Novaexchange. Collectively across these exchanges, Dentacoin has just over $15,000 worth of trading volume in the past 24 hours at the time of writing. This is rather impressive, considering that they have not never held their ICO yet. The most popular trading pair is with Bitcoin on Cryptopia, making up just under 90% of its trading volume. The second most popular is with Ethereum, with smaller amounts of Litcoin and Doge making the rest of its trades.

Immediate Use Cases Mean User Confidence

While it is incredible that Dentacoin is already seeing trading across various exchange platforms, its true value is inherent use cases. Dental clinics across Europe are beginning to accept Dentacoin as payment in their practices. This is a massively important aspect to Dentacoin’s continued success. Even more are looking forward to implementing in their practices in the future.

The use of a transparent and blockchain based asset is attractive to dental clinics, as it should be. This means that there can be no charge-backs like that can typically happen with credit cards or bounced checks. It also means there is no need for a third party clearinghouse to approve moving of funds. It is peer-to-peer, meaning that once the transaction is signed the funds belong to the practice. It is also attractive because it helps expose these clinics to the strong and active Dentacoin community.

The Trusted Review Platform Helps Both Patients and Dentists

Another excellent gauge of the Dentacoin project’s overall health in addition to the previously mentioned aspects is the release and use of their product, the Trust Review Platform. This platform is the heart of the entire project and community. Here, community members are rewarded for their participation with Dentacoin for reviewing dental clinics. Users can be sure that the reviews they are reading are real, since all reviews are backed on the blockchain. Reviews that are backed by the blockchain are tamper proof since any changes to them would be visible on the immutable blockchain. This also ensures that reviews are not deleted. This builds trust between dentists and patients, while also bolstering an already thriving community.

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