Coinbase is Giving Away $50 in Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Coinbase launched a giveaway program that aims to distribute 1 Billion XLM to US users. Each person can earn up to $50 while watching videos and learning about crypto.

The company declared the news on its Twitter profile, saying that any qualified US client can learn about the Stellar technology and get a reward of $10 to $50 worth of XLM. The source of these give away will be the Stellar Development Foundation fund.

Coinbase Adds Support for Stellar Paying Users to Learn About it

Coinbase which is one of the most innovative exchanges aims to dominate the blockchain sector. Back 2018 they acquired as part of this plan. gave Coinbase a large user base who complete simple tasks to earn cryptocurrency.

What is trying to do now is to transform these (get paid to do simple tasks) into “get paid to learn about crypto”. Now the Earn platform enables users to learn about various coins and at the same time earn cryptocurrency.

This week the company announced on their Twitter profile that they extended Coinbase Earn’s idea by including support for Stellar.

Coinbase Earn Will give Away 1 Billion Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan said he was proud to announce the biggest Coinbase Earn opportunity.

Additionally, Balaji Srinivasan points out that acquisition from Counbase which after became “Coinbase Earn” brought a huge number of users into crypto. While he didn’t give any extra details, he hinted that Coinbase was looking to launch more similar projects.

According to Coinbase, the 1 billion Lumens that will be given away during the learning course come from the non-profit Stellar Development Foundation.

Despite the fact that the Earn XLM program is limited to US users, the content of the course is available to everybody without geographical limitations.

You can join to earn free XLM on Coinbase using this link.

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