Exclusive: Jeff Garzik’s Stealthy Ploy To Get Bitcoin Onto Private Blockchains

Longtime Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik acknowledges Bitcoins’ branding problem. “The bitcoin name, in terms of marketing, is something that larger institutions are somewhat reluctant to deal with, related to the history with Mt Gox and Silk Road, most notably.” Garzik bemoans how this reputation follows the word Bitcoin. Luckily, it doesn’t follow the technology. And, that’s how he plans on getting some of the largest multinational firms in the world to adopt not only blockchain technology, but Bitcoin as well. 

“It’s a very simple psychological trick: you switch out ‘Bitcoin’ for ‘blockchain’ and then, suddenly, they are very interested,” … Read the rest

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BTC/USD: Bitcoin Continues to Rise ahead of Twofold Reduction in Mining Rewards

The value of bitcoin appreciated 1.5% in the first week of May, as demand for the cryptocurrency continues to rise ahead of the planned halving of rewards for bitcoin miners on July 12.

The BTC/USD exchange rate referenced by the global cryptocurrency market has risen 1.5% since the beginning of May. It was last seen trading at $459.03 after multiple attempts to break the $470 resistance level.

The technical indicators suggest further upside is in store for the BTC/USD. Relative strength is slightly above 60 and rising gradually, while the MACD remains in positive territory. Price action is strong, with … Read the rest

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Former Amazon exec’s Bitcoin service iPayYou aims to make cryptocurrency easier and more transparent

iPayYou CEO and founder Gene KavneriPayYou CEO and founder Gene Kavner

Bitcoin has plenty of barriers to entry. Even if you understand that it’s a secure cryptocurrency, the steps needed to acquire and keep track of Bitcoin can be daunting. Then finding people who you can use the digital currency with is another hurdle.

iPayYou aims to solve both of those problems. The new Bitcoin wallet service, launched this week, makes it easy to store Bitcoin and send it to friends, even if they don’t have a wallet set up yet.

The Seattle-based startup was founded in 2015 by Gene Kavner, who was previously the … Read the rest

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Bitcoin Organized Crime Research Funded by Germany and Austria

The Austrian and German governments are funding a research effort focused on the use of digital currencies in organized crime.

Dubbed ‘BitCrime’, the initiative is backed by a number of governmental agencies in the two countries, and is split into two sub-projects.

The German sub-project is primarily supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and has a budget of €1.8m (roughly $2m). Other supporting institutions include the country’s Federal Criminal Police Office, the University of Münster, and a number of federal offices dedicated to law enforcement and financial oversight.

The Austrian sub-project, with a budget of €635k … Read the rest

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