Roger Ver Agrees To Trade BTC For BTU at a one-to-one Ratio

There is no such thing as a boring day in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. One Reddit user called out Roger Ver to propose a trade of Bitcoin against BTU. A 1-for-1 trade seems a bit unusual at this stage , considering Bitfinex’s Chain Split Tokens indicate BTU is valued lower than BTC. That being said, it goes to show some people are growing tired of the ongoing Bitcoin unlimited hard fork debate.

Roger Vet Gets Called Out By Bitcoin Supporter

Most people are well aware of how Roger Ver is one of the early bitcoin investors, who accumulated Read the rest

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Did Japan Really Trade More Bitcoin than US this Weekend?

Bitcoin technology is unquestionably finding its share of fans in Japan, a country which recently proposed a rather friendlier regulatory framework for the digital currency. And now, the land of the rising sun is making a similar progress in terms of online trading.

Over the gone weekend, Japan has reportedly recorded the world’s second highest Bitcoin trade volume, falling just short of touching China, while beating the US. A discussion initiated on Reddit provided an image to prove the claim. The snapshot showed how BTC/JPY trading instruments was sitting on the top of BTC/USD and BTC/EUR respectively. Even though the … Read the rest

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London Institute Uses 64 Monitors to Demonstrate How Bitcoin Works

The Imperial Data Science Institute in London has an exhibit of 64 monitors with lines moving in geometric shapes representing real-time bitcoin transactions, according to The Imperial College of London website.

Harry Pettit, a graduate student, recently visited the exhibit and discovered it provided a unique way to visualize transactions, according to a news story on the college website. The institute houses the world’s most advanced data visualization platforms. Pettit visited the institute to learn more about bitcoin.

32 Computers For 64 Monitors

The institute houses the KPMG Data Observatory, which has a circular wall of 64 monitors managed … Read the rest

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Bitcoin will pay for public services in a small Swiss town

It might seem odd to center a trial like this on a municipality with less than 30,000 people, but this is potentially an ideal testbed. Zug takes a laissez-faire attitude toward its economy, even in the context of Switzerland, and has much more financial clout than you’d expect – 3 percent of the world’s oil trades through the area. Combine that with a burgeoning financial tech sector and it’s likely that at least some locals will fork over some Bitcoin.

The real question is whether or not any other cities will bite. While some governments have been warning up to … Read the rest

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