Buy Coffee, Tea Right From the Farm with Bitcoin

With new marketplace Flavours Place, Bitcoinists can buy premium coffee, tea, spices and cocoa with their favorite digital currency.

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Get Coffee and Tea Straight From the Farm with Flavours Place

The coffee and tea sold by Flavours Place is supposedly unavailable in the mainstream market, according to the company. This new service brings these exotic blends “directly from the farms,” and accepts bitcoin, which they believe helps the small farmers they partner with.

Built as a “socially conscious business,” Flavours Place tells press that it “cares for the farmers and traders whose sole livelihood is their produce,” which is reportedly “highly in demand among the connoisseurs.

The marketplace hopes to cut down costs for its small farming partners by allowing them to bypass the middleman with bitcoin and ship directly to consumers, cutting out the wholesalers that eat up farmers’ revenue.

The company says the tea and coffee blends it sells come from “plantations in the geographies that are known for the best coffee and tea variants,” including Ceylon, Peru, Sumatra, China and Japan.

Flavour Place reports that its website is “neatly built” and “responsive,” boasting a “simple, easy-to-use user interface.” The company reports that all of the products available for sale are catalogued on the site, with descriptions of the products and information about their countries of origin and producers. The shopping experience is like any other online market; users add items to their cart, provide shipping details during checkout, and pay for their products.”

Where this website is different from many other online stores, of course, is in its acceptance of bitcoin as a payment option.

“A nice part of this work is the dissemination and use of Bitcoin between producers from all over the world,” says a Flavours Place representative. “It is a hard work, most of the potential vendors don’t know about the Bitcoin. But we do not look for the easy way.”

Flavours Place is an online marketplace connecting buyers and vendors from around the world, specializing in coffee and tea, the platform also offers cocoa, spices and other merchandise for those who love their brew. Flavours Place offers exquisite and organic products directly from the producers, a pick-me-up for coffee and tea loving Bitcoin users worldwide.


Images courtesy of Flavours Place.

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