BTC Mining Difficulty Drops by 15% – Now it is Easier and More Profitable to Mine Bitcoin

During the 2018 bear market where bitcoin price plunged more than 80% from the ATH in December 2017, Bitcoin difficulty has been increasing steadily. Now seems that time came for the difficulty to feel the drop like all the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to data from, the drop is by 15% in hash rate and mining difficulty. The hash rate is the total computing power in the bitcoin network and the difficulty is how easy is to mine a block.

Many speak about bitcoin death spiral in case miners stop mining bitcoin. But bitcoin by design is coded in a way that when mining is not profitable anymore the difficulty drops making possible for new miners to start mining again.

This difficulty drop in mining bitcoin is the second largest one since the bitcoin creation. The largest drop in bitcoin mining difficulty was in 2011 when difficulty dropped by 18 %, and then in two months price doubled and 15 months later the price was 20 times higher.

Fernando Ulrich, XDEX Chief Analyst posted a tweet listing all the mining difficulty drops during the bitcoin life stating that the actual drop is the second largest one.

How does the mining difficulty adjustment happen?

When mines shut down there is not enough computing power in the network to solve the complex algorithms to find (mine) new blocks. Therefore mining difficulty drops making possible for the reduced hash rate to solve blocks and this adjustment happens every 2016 blocks.

At the actual lower difficulty, it will be easier for new miners to restart mining bitcoin and get rewarded for that.

What is your opinion about the recent Bitcoin mining difficulty decline?  Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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