Brave Rewards Now Live, You Will Earn 70 Percent of Braves Revenue in BAT if you Use the Brave Browser

Brave Browser’s advertisements rewards program is currently live, enabling clients to choose to see ads and earn 70 percent of the company revenue paid in (BAT) Basic Attention Token.

On 8 March, Brave reported that its private advertising platform moved from phase one to phase two, making the brave rewards feature available to the general users. Users of the brave browser will be able now to earn money watching ads and to claim their accumulated rewards at the ending monthly cycle.

Brave Browser has kept on gaining ground towards its vision of giving quick and private web browsing features, particularly with its ads in the advertisement space. During phase one more than 450 ads had been dealt in the platform by the Brave Ads server.

The organization has likewise settled various eminent associations for its advertisements services, including BuySellAds, Uphold, TAP Network, Fluidity and AirSwap. BuySellAds was allegedly the primary advertisement partner to use Brave Ads’ API,  providing ad income from Slack, PaperTrail, and other Tech brands.

In a press release posted on 8 March the Brave Browser company stated:

“We’re excited to advance through the next public preview phase, and encourage people interested in helping us to test and engineer a new path forward toward a better Internet where people can browse the web, earn rewards, and support content creation while preserving their privacy,”

As indicated by StatCounter’s November 2018 information, program use over all browser platforms, Google Chrome dominates the market by 62 percent followed by Safari with 15 percent and Firefox with 5 percent.

The above stats leave small room for Brave to compete unless they can give convincing motivations to clients to switch from the above browsers to the Brave one.

You can download the Brave browser here. When you install it you will be rewarded a 30 BAT airdrop. Here it is a guide about how to claim the Brave airdrop.

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