Brave Ads are Live: Users now can get BAT for Viewing Ads

The Ads feature un the Brave browser has been activated and now users will get BAT for viewing Ads.

The great thing about the brave system is that the publisher does not have to do anything about the ads because it is a model built between the advertiser and the user.

He adds more explaining that users can still use Brave without enabling the Ads, but there is an incentive to enable the ads. As the company promises, 70% of the revenue Brave receives from the advertisers will go to the users who enable Ads. The company will keep the remaining 30%.

Brave ads are live today with several companies that supply inventory like BuySellAds, TAP Network, eToro, Uphold, ConsenSys, MyCrypto, etc.

The way ads are shown in the brave browser are like small notifications that aren’t added to a specific website and it looks the notification on the right of the screenshot below.

Brave advertising is different from traditional advertising because the tradition system works monitoring the user behavior and storing this info in the servers company.

Brave also follows the user activity to serve targeted ads through a machine learning system in the browser, but the browser does not report this data to the company. Practically the data does not leave the user computer while using the brave browser.

“It’s a private ad system that doesn’t involve tracking on the front side, it can pick ads that are specific to you based on your browser data.” Said Eich.

How to Earn BAT?

First of all, for users to be able to earn BAT with the Brave ads, users need to have the latest version of Brave.

Brave Rewards users either can get grants from Brave or fund their wallet with their own funds. And by default funds on their wallet are distributed to the websites they visit according to the percentage of the time they spend on each website.

While users use the Brave browser with the Ads feature ON, they start accumulating BAT which is for redistribution to the publisher, unless the user changes the default redistribution and chooses to do it manually or keep the funds.

Despite the fact that Brave main feature is to block ads and trackers disrupting the actual advertising model, the new advertising system aims to bring revenue to 55,000 verified publishers, because most of the users of the Brave browser will leave the default auto distribution feature as usually users do, according to Eich.

This the growth of their user base, Brave has been gaining a lot of interest this year making BAT the token behind the project one of the best performers for the Q1 2019.

Whow to withdraw BAT?

Users on the brave browser can earn but can spend their tokens. The only thing they can do for now is tipping websites they like.

The company says that they are working on a feature where users are able to buy specific products with their BAT, but this will be available after the implementation of the know-your-customer  KYC solution on their platform.

Furthermore Brave is working with wallet companies and exchanges so in the future Brave users are able to withdraw their BAT into Fiat.

“With Brave Ads, we are launching a digital ad platform that is the first to protect users’ data rights and to reward them for their attention.” Said Eich in a statement

Brave Ads has been enabled for Users in the United States, Canada, Germany France, and the United Kingdom.

Some days ago Brave launched the rewards program for Android users.

If you did not install yet the Brave browser and want to give it a try, use the button below and you will be supporting also us.

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