BitPay officially launches Bitcoin based Visa card

BitPay, a Bitcoin payments solutions company with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco and Amsterdam today launched the BitPay Visa Card, a debit card available to consumers across America in all 50 states.

The BitPay Card can be loaded from any bitcoin wallet. There are zero fees on bitcoin top-ups, and you can load up to $10,000 per day in spendable funds. The BitPay Card can also be reloaded with direct deposits from employers.

BitPay explains that the cardholder site is built for use on mobile devices as well as desktop. In addition to monitoring transactions, balance history, and current balance, you can easily add funds with a payment from any Bitcoin wallet app on your mobile device.

Users get instant Bitcoin exchange rates

The BitPay Card gives Bitcoin users one of the fastest and easiest ways to get liquidity for Bitcoin savings. You can withdraw up to $3,000 in cash daily from any ATM with the Visa logo. A nice feature to highlight is that since Bitcoin deposits are credited to the BitPay card’s dollar account balance in seconds, there’s no waiting on exchange fund transfers to clear to cash out, while also mitigating any sudden Bitcoin price fluctuations.


For more information on the card see the official release here.



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