Bitnovo Allows Direct Bitcoin Wallet Access With New Debit Cards

Spanish bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo is now offering new payment options, one of which is a “Bitcoin charged” debit card that can be used at all retailers and MasterCard-accepting ATMs.

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Converting Between Bitcoin and Euros With Bitnovo

Since its launch 6 months ago in December 2015, the company has reported “impressive growth,” becoming a “favourite selectio[n] among Spanish and English speaking Bitcoin users.”

With is new “Bitcoin charged” debit cards, the company is further expanding its “great selection of payment methods,” which include “card payments” Skrill, Sofort and bank transfers.”

The new debit cards are currently available in euro denominations, and can be “instantly charged with a simple Bitcoin transaction.” With funds depending on the Bitcoin network, Bitnovo says that money will be available for use on the cards “as soon as the transaction is validated by the blockchain.”

Bitnovo says that the funding process for its prepaid debit cards is “extremely fast,” giving customers the ability to spend bitcoins at “any physical shop or online commerce portal in real-time.”

The company also says that their cards work with online service like PayPal and Amazon.

For customers in need of cash, they can user their prepaid debit cards to withdraw money from “any MasterCard ATM across the world.”

“For us, as Bitcoin enthusiasts, it is still very difficult to use Bitcoin in our daily life,” the Bitnovo team explains. “With our solution,” they continue, “you can instantly convert Bitcoin to euros and spend them anywhere, or even withdraw them for cash at any ATM.”

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