Bitcoin Whale Moves 48,000 BTC To Two Separate Wallets

$343 million worth of Bitcoins, was moved yesterday in a single transaction to two different addresses. The single transaction amount was 48,000 Bitcoins and the fee to move the $343 millions was only $0.30.

The sending address was ranked the 14th largest bitcoin address and has been holding this balance since 29 December 2018.


Sending address sent 48,000 BTC : 174jWqrE2zrP57xWLAmwWCwxSHkJrfurWU

Receiving address #1 got 47,000 BTC: 15VREscuZWHb41zzyivw6ZYagMyJ6YKFHd

Receiving address #2 got 1,000 BTC: 1HMSPFFfgcCGqXKNYq81yx4cWgDBnCo3qG.

The Bitcoin Rally Kicks Off like in 2017

The bitcoin rally in the last days reminds everyone about the 2017 rally.  While many bears think that it is going to dump hard once Binance enables deposits/withdrawals. It is worth to mention that hitting $7,500 Bitcoin nearly doubled the price in 2019.

On the other side, the optimism in crypto twitter seems high. Many are waiting impatiently for Binance to enable deposits/withdrawals. Binance is the largest spot crypto exchange in the world and the recent 7,000 bitcoin hack forced them to suspend deposits and withdrawals.

Another important factor is that we are still on weekend and when banks open on Monday with all the FOMO generated, probably new Fiat will flow in crypto.

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