Bitcoin Blackjack Overview And Best Sites To Play

Along with Baccarat and Roulette, Blackjack is quite likely one of the most popular games of chance on offer at various casinos in both the real and virtual world.

One reason for Blackjack’s popularity among punters could be the fact that winning is not entirely up to chance and has an element of calculation involved. If you have a head for figures and odds, Blackjack just might be the game for you.

The introduction of Bitcoin has changed the way both casinos and players manage the way they can send and receive funds easily and anonymously.

First invented by the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto to be a totally decentralized, unregistered form of currency, Bitcoin has emerged from the darkness of the deep web to become one of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency in the world.

Whether you’re a professional hustler looking to break the bank, or an amateur punter just starting out, you may want to consider using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Firstly, being a decentralized form of cryptocurrency means that you can make transactions with total anonymity, which guarantees your privacy at all times.

Strangely enough, the introduction of Bitcoin was a cause of severe consternation for several governments, as Bitcoin was able to facilitate the transfer of massive amounts of funds anonymously.

This brings us to the second point, which is the valuation of Bitcoin. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was valued at thousands of dollars for a single Bitcoin.

Hence, if you are a high-rolling gambler who regularly deals with large amounts of currency, Bitcoin is the perfect medium of exchange for you. This is because you will not need to transfer massive amounts of currency if you are using Bitcoin.

However, if you are planning to make regular use of Bitcoin, you should take into account that Bitcoin exchanges are not sanctioned or recognized by most governments.

In the event that the exchange suddenly collapses or you fall victim to a scam, you will usually have little-to-no legal recourse. When transacting in Bitcoin, always take extra care to vet your sources to ensure that nothing untoward happens.

Fortunately, the popularity of Bitcoin means that it is recognized by most online casinos, with some even actively encouraging its use.

This means that Bitcoin could be deemed to be the USD of cryptocurrency, thanks to its widespread acceptance and use. Before you get started, you need to take several steps to ensure that your experience with Bitcoin is a smooth one.

Most casinos require punters to “buy in” when they first start playing. Before you get started, make sure that you have sufficient Bitcoins in your wallet in order to buy in on a game.

With the popularity of cryptocurrency, there are dozens of crypto exchanges that allow you to exchange real-world currency with the exchange of your choice.

Do take care to ensure that the exchange you are patronizing has a proven track record to make sure that you do not fall victim to unscrupulous parties or hackers.

As mentioned previously, you may be left helpless in the event that the exchange collapses or you fall victim to a scam, since most governments do not recognize cryptocurrencies.

Fortunately, the popularity of Bitcoin means that many online casinos have taken to jumping on the crypto bandwagon. In other words, you should have no difficulty finding an online betting site like Fortunejack or that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange.

Generally speaking, the house and game rules for crypto casinos are exactly the same as with any other casino.

However, do take the time to check with the administrator or support team whether the rules differ in any way. After all, you don’t want to end up getting cheated or short-changed.

The explosion in popularity of cryptocurrency has sent investors and speculators scrambling to pick up some of that sweet crypto.

With mining and speculation becoming prohibitively expensive, gambling may be one of the more economical ways for you to get your hands on some cryptocurrency. With a proper strategy, you could find yourself raking in Bitcoins hand over fist.

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