BestMixer.IO Takes Bitcoin Mixer Services to New Level of Anonymity

In traditional financial systems, the source of any funds can be hidden by moving the funds through banks in countries that have strict bank secrecy laws. A bitcoin mixer offers the same service by mixing cryptocurrency funds that could potentially be identified or ‘tainted’ with others, obscuring the trail back to the fund’s original source.

It might seem that there are many Bitcoin mixers on the market and that these tumblers are all anonymous. The truth is, however, that although anonymity is promised, it is seldom delivered. Before was launched, checks revealed that cryptocurrency mixing companies are in fact not anonymous at all. has changed that by doing things differently, resulting in the first truly anonymous bitcoin mixer services available.

Changing rules of coins mixing

Using their revolutionary CAE (Coin Anonymization Event) check, proved without a shadow of a doubt that its competition was not anonymous. Although this prompted other bitcoin mixers to change their settings to those proposed by the BestMixer team, resulting in protection from being monitored by the CAE-check utility, the fact remains that they previously operated without the level of anonymity they promised their users.

In connection with this news, we decided to divide our reserves into three pools, each of which will fulfill its goals. First of all, it should be emphasized that the efficiency of CAE, Coin Anonymization Event, is the same when using any of these pools. The difference is in the initial history of coins accepted to the pool. has also recently launched a new module that provides 3 types of reserves for mixing – an Alpha, Beta and Gamma pools.

  1. Alpha is a traditional pool operating under the ‘Client <——> Client’ scheme, where reserves for payments to new clients are formed from coins coming from other clients (99% of bitcoin mixers on the market use this model).
  2. Beta pool reserves are formed from large-scale transactions in the Alpha pool, private reserves and investors’ coins. This has resulted in the Beta pool having larger reserves.
  3. Gamma pool reserves are formed exclusively from private reserves and attracting investors’ coins. Reserves of this advanced pool are not associated in any way to the coins in Alpha pool. This pool will be of interest to customers who would like to break the connection between their old and new addresses, while at the same time be sure of getting coins from a reliable source.

As maintenance of both the Beta and Gamma pools is much more expensive, the service fee for these is higher than for the Alpha pool.

To make the service of this bitcoin mixer easier to use, BestMixer has released a video tutorial that guides users how to use the bitcoin mixer and the site in an intuitive, logical way. The service also has a Tor version of the website which will take privacy while browsing up another notch.’s cryptocurrency anonymization service is reliable, but still easy to use. The company’s goal is to ensure complete anonymity when it comes to who you trade Bitcoin with, what you purchase or sell, and to make any information that could identify you impossible to track.

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