Are the Decentralized Protests in France Inspired By Bitcoin?

The French movement (Yellow Jackets) and many people which are protesting from several days seem to be a decentralized movement which has no leader, no framework, no people in charge to be intimidated or crush the movement. Does this remind you about something? Maybe they got inspired by Satoshi and Bitcoin!

The protest in Paris is an interesting development in the world economics. People have enough of the inequality created by governments doing bad monetary policies.

People in Frace are suffocated by taxes and wages had not been raised in the last 10 years meanwhile the prices continue to increase due to new taxed every while. The fuel price in France is 1.5 EUR and 80% of that taxes.

Basically, what the government is trying to do is redistribute the money, but the rich will not let you touch their money so the more affected is the middle class who are getting poorer and this is resulting in a revolution. Socialism never worked even putting the word democratic in front, the result is always the same the majority becomes poorer and without power and the rich dictate the politics.

This is why we need a new system where the money is separated from the government. Where normal people have more power and more freedom.

Here it comes in play Bitcoin or the technology behind it that might make this possible. For those who say that this bitcoin system is an anarchy, I would say that it is a system that gives more power to normal people. Governments printing money without any transparency whenever they want. Countries starving for food with hyperinflation that will reach 1 million percent like Venezuela. Banks caught every day in illegal monetary activities:
Deutsche Bank  Which Constantly Criticizes Bitcoin is being investigated For Money Laundering
Nordea Bank Caught  For Money Laundering After Banning Bitcoin
16 Big Banks in Court For Currency Market Manipulation
Ex JP Morgan Trader Pleads Guilty to Spoofing on Precious Metals Market

On the other side, Bitcoin has limited supply, is decentralized and it is better to catch criminals because the ledger is accessible from everyone and can not be altered like the bank’s ledgers that are centralized.

What do you think about the actual protests in France? Many people say it is just the gas oil price increase. Others say it is that the middle class became poorer and they are reacting.

Feel free to post your opinion in the comments below.

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