Anaiv Capital Focuses on Next-Generation Technology

Volatility of the Markets, Endless Opportunities for Anaiv Capital

Sometimes, we stop to observe and analyze other aspects of the crypto space. Foundations, veteran market experts, and start-up companies are adapting the digitization of their media; the technology that makes cryptocurrencies and tokens possible continues to advance and extend its reach.

For as transformative as cryptocurrencies are, they have long been criticized for their extreme volatility. In an unexpected move you can lose or double your capital, due the young age of these markets. Anaiv Capital focuses on next-generation technology that is transforming market volatility into opportunity for its clients.

According to the company’s website:

“At Anaiv Capital, our main objective is to obtain investments that produce higher returns adjusted to the risk for the Group and its customers.”

Trading – and especially high frequency trading – are based on taking advantage of this volatility to adjust the price between markets; thus obtaining compensation in the process. These processes are commonly known as arbitrage and this type of movement based on exchange rates can yield huge profits if sufficient liquidity is available. Anaiv Capital’s business strategies leverage this process effectively, making the most out of market volatility.

For a long-term investor, the volatility of cryptocurrencies can be a reason for not investing. An asset that collapses 10% or 15% in a day and then bounces 50% to a new maximum. That’s what happened to Bitcoin between the end of November and the beginning of December 2017; a remarkable fall that went on to bounce to new all-time highs. That rebound offered profitable opportunities to those who successfully capitalized on the movements.

Investment Models in Computerized Divergent Strategies Have Gained Strength

The financial world is changing – computers have been processing purchase and sale orders for decades. While traditional investment models seek to resist change, new strategies seduce investors with models based on algorithms. Cryptocurrencies have entered into the game, along with traditional methods of diversification.

Conventional models of diversification, for example, investing in different assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, are giving way to completely computerized models that include divergent strategies. More and more fund managers are trying to find useful alternatives. A framework introduced for the first time by M. Rzepczynski (1999), gives us the opportunity to see strategies of risk investment through convergent and divergent models.

Convergent traders and brokers maintain their faith that the market is stable and well structured. So they are followers of the “Efficient Market Hypothesis”. In short, they have faith in fundamental valuation methods.

On the other hand, divergent strategists profess their own incomprehension to the true structure of risks. Under such optics they are followers of the behavioral financial discipline and use methods of technical analysis.

Anaiv Capital seeks to combine the best of both models through professionals who analyze each aspect and make the most appropriate decisions for the managed funds. The opportunities exist under both perspectives and it is the professional capacity backed by years of experience that is the key to making decisions. Proven experts offer great opportunities for Anaiv Capital.

Services Adapted to the New Times of the Fintech Scene, by Anaiv Capital

Among the services offered by Anaiv Capital is the personalized escrow service in Bitcoin. The escrow financial services will be provided by a third-party Escrow Agent, supervised by a self-regulatory AML body. Anaiv provides a highly secure security deposit portfolio, ready for any transaction, where the coins will be safely stored in cold storage wallets. Anaiv Capital meets all of the requirements to be legally authorized to provide such service.

Cold storage wallets provide a firewall in the face of modern risks of cyber-attacks to highly liquid managers. In addition to rigorous cybersecurity, speed is required to operate in volatile markets, since everything can change in hours or even a few minutes. With Anaiv Capital, slow transactions are a thing of the past as you can complete a custody transaction in just minutes and receive funds immediately.

The advantages of passive income driven by blockchain available to everyone

The market for cryptocurrencies has evolved ostensibly since its inception, with further innovations emerging all the time. With this, the possibilities increase every year, offering alternatives for all types of investors. Recently, we have witnessed an increase in stablecoins,cryptocurrencies or tokens whose value is linked to traditional Fiat currencies. Tether, DAI, and True USD all maintain a common characteristic – their value istied to the US Dollar – and the list continues to grow with other fiat currencies replicated. These cryptocurrencies are a great example of the acceptance that the Stable Coins have achieved.

The cryptocurrency market has embraced stablecoins with open arms as they have provided the fiat currency functionality of value reserve and its advantages. Adding this to the most extreme volatilities, we get opportunities to enter and exit the crypto market without having to switch to traditional Fiat currencies. The elimination of the exchange to traditional Fiat currencies saves friction costs, thus increasing the productivity of operations.

Anaiv Capital takes advantage of the volatility of crypto markets with trading models that include stable digital currencies. This opens up the possibility of offering a part of the net profits of investments based on crypto markets. At the same time, the income offered by Anaiv Capital passive incomes includes rental income and the appreciation of assets.

Excellent Market Position and High-Level Mining Services

As in traditional markets, the young market for cryptocurrencies and tokens is very prone to strategic moves. It is expected that the natural evolution will continue in the path of associations, acquisitions and mergers. In this sense, Anaiv Capital considers that the positioning of its strategies must be accompanied by strong partnerships with the best members of the global market.

Important mining farms and hardware and software suppliers maintain regular contact with Anaiv Capital. Firms such as Avalon, Genesis Mining, andBitFury are among its partners, not forgetting Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment in the world.

These partnerships, within a framework of economies of industrial scale and low-cost energy, result in an unbeatable strategic positioning. We may be facing one of “the bulls” of the crypto space for the new 2019.

Anaiv Capital offers safe, advanced, and productive infrastructures for strategic corporate mining. To find out more information about the services and activities of the project, please visit .

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