After the Successful Upgrade, Ethereum Devs Meeting Agenda

In the early hours of the morning, Ethereum successfully completed the dual agreement renewal of Constantinople & St. Petersburg. As expected , after the completion of the update, the interval between Ethereum blocks gradually returned to normal levels, although its block rewards were more Yesterday, it was reduced by 1/3, but the overall daily output did not drop too much (related to block time fluctuations).
At 22:00 tonight, the Ethereum Developer Community will be conducting the 56th Core Developer Video Conference on YouTube. It is expected that developers will first celebrate the successful update of the ETH network before the conference begins.

Of course, this will not be the main dish of the conference. According to the agenda of the conference, developers will also discuss the following hardcore topics:

a) Constantinople Success!
b) ProgPoW Audit
c) Istanbul Hardfork Roadmap
2-Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVM – Magician’s Thread
3-[Reject EIP-1355]](ethereum/EIPs#1785)
4-Working Group Updates
a) State Fees
b) EWasm
c) Pruning/Sync
d) Simulation
e) Appetite for future in person meetings?
5-Testing Updates (time allowing)
6-Client Updates (time allowing)
a) Geth
b) Parity Ethereum
c) Aleth/eth
d) Trinity/PyEVM
e) EthereumJS
f) EthereumJ/Harmony
g) Pantheon
h) Turbo Geth
i) Nimbus
j) Mana/Exthereum
k) Mantis
l) Nethereum
7-Research Updates (time allowing)

We can see that the first topic of the conference was very hard: the ProgPoW audit section, which was mentioned at the last developer conference, and one of the core developers named Hudson Jameson noted that he expects it to be completed in March or early April.

Just in time, if at the meeting tonight, the developers announced that the ProgPoW audit was completed, and thus caused the next controversial topic to discuss, this would not surprise me. In addition, Ethereum’s next hard-forked Istanbul roadmap will be put on the agenda for the first time. In the last meeting, developers simply mentioned a state lease proposal, and tonight’s At the meeting, in addition to the road map content, what kind of explosive content will developers mention?

The next EVM subroutine and static jump (EIP-615) topic, simply stated that its purpose is to achieve a safer, higher performance EVM.

(For specific information about this EIP, interested readers can refer to this link themselves:

After that, developers will discuss why they want to reject an improvement proposal called EIP-1355 (Ethash 1a), which aims to provide a minimal set of changes to the Ethash algorithm to hinder and delay Ethereum ASIC mining, however, The comment given by the developers is: “It is useless.”

As for the specific reasons for rejection, everyone will be able to understand it tonight, and there will be no more spoilers here.

The latter topic, because the agenda does not specify what is involved, please do not do anything.

Overall, at the upcoming 56th Ethereum Developers Conference, the Ethereum community’s focus will be on the ProgPoW audit and the Istanbul hard fork roadmap, which are also affecting most Ethereum users.

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