Fidelity Launching Bitcoin Custody Service in March

The absence of custody services in cryptocurrency keep many important players outside the game.

Fidelity Investments is focusing to launch their bitcoin custody service in March, according to a report published yesterday from Bloomberg. A thing that might facilitate the process of entering of new players who actually fear trading cryptocurrencies.

In October, Fidelity reported that it would offer many crypto products focused mainly on large investors and hedge funds. According to the representatives’ announcement, Bitcoin custody will be the first product but Ethereum custody will be added later:
In a statement announced Tuesday, the company declared:

“We are

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Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTC Bullish Reversal Pattern Forming

Crypto Market Analyst says: Actual Bitcoin Chart Similar to the $20,000 Chart Inverted

An interesting analysis has been posted today from Bitcoin Jack (BTC_JackSparrow) on Twitter.  He posted two charts the ATH chart when bitcoin hit $20,000 in December 2017 and the actual chart inverted chart making a comparison between the two charts which look totally symmetrical.

In another bullish tweet, Jack noted the Bitcoin long term showcase cycles, underlining the halving dates which have been always …

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Bitcoin Halving Hype Starting to Warm Up

Bitcoin halving hype usually starts one year before the halving. Not we are 70.000 blocks far from the next halving. What that means is that instead of 1800 bitcoins that are minted daily, miners will be able to mine only 900 Bitcoins daily. It is known that miners are the biggest sellers because they have to pay for electricity and other bills. All this means that demand for bitcoin will increase.

Bitcoin price is still in a bear trend but even after the withdrawal of  CBOE, VanEck, and SolidX’s ETF the price slightly moved. Also, Back and Ethereum hard fork

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JP Morgan Strategy: Pump Blockchain and Dump Cryptocurrency

The financial establishment has a different approach when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In a note released recently from JP Morgan (one of the largest banks in the world, top 10) that blockchain technology is very likely to be adopted massively in the finance, of course trying to be conservative about the speed of this adoption form the financial markets.

JP Morgan has never been friendly to cryptocurrencies. In a recent note that Crypto value is unproven and Blockchain is years away from adoption. The hard speech against bitcoin and cryptos, in general, is an ongoing narrative from …

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